This is a group founded as a base for information and interaction on the winter sport of Skibiking, Skibobbing, Snowbiking. If you are looking for an alternative to skiing or snowboarding then this may be the start of a new and exhilerating winter sport adventure for you!

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    Um, how do you get that on a lift?
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  •  Skibiker: 
    You may well be wondering why this winter sport has three different names? So to clarify the situation here is a quick résumé! Its back in the late 19th century that the ‘skibob’ was invented (there is some debate as to whether it has its roots in Austria or America.) The name change to skibike happened a few years ago, we are not sure why, but some say that it’s because people were confusing a skibob with a skidoo, or bobsleigh as used on the Cresta Run. Brenter, who claim to be the original skibob producer renamed their skibob a Snowbike (patented trademark) so no one else can use the term Snowbike - so there you have it! A skibob is now called a skibike, or if its a Brenter, then it’s a Snowbike.
    So what is a skibike? In its simplest of forms it’s no more than a bicycle with the wheels replaced by two short skis. A skibike can be ridden wearing ski boots with 2 small foots skis for added stability, or American pegger style wearing snowboard boots and with the feet resting on two foot pegs - the latter style tends to be adopted when riding a bicycle adapted for skibike use and is predominantly an American style of riding. There are pros and cons for both styles. For links to more info visit:
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