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  •  DavidAJack: 
    busy place this :p
     129 days ago 
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  •  DavidAJack: 
    Whats peoples opinions on ticket refunds if the lifts close mid day?

    As a punter I would expect a refund. It can often be £30 for a day on the slopes and to only get a few hours riding for £30, never mind the petrol money to get there, is pretty steep.

    I totally understand where the resorts(can we call them resorts?) are coming from. If Scotland has a bad season and are handing out refunds for every time the lifts shut then it would be hard for the slopes to break even never mind make a profit. If the lift shuts mid day, I'd imagine they will still have to employ their staff for the full day.

    At Glencoe last year when we had to leave the hill mid day I was told that I could use my ticket to get a discount for my next visit. I was pretty happy with that as I visit fairly regularly but I don't think someone who was visiting from down South would be too happy with that.

    I have also heard that some resorts are charging £20 for a reduced ticket but if you are asked to leave the mountain you don't get a refund, yet people who pay the £30 will get some of their money back. I am unsure how they workout how much.

    For me the risk of bad conditions has now almost became part of the day. If I head up to the Highlands I always make sure I have a backup plan in case the mountains are closed. I often set North in the morning not knowing which mountain I'll end up on until we get closer and give it a good look. It's part of the risk of going and I feel the risk is worth it. The disappointing days make those powder blue skies days seem even more special.
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  •  DavidAJack: 
    Anyone been up north yet for a slide? The snow is looking great although as always the wind is a bit mental.
     1601 days ago 
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