Want to work a ski season?

Want help finding a job?

Not sure what job is right for you?

Interested in becoming a ski instructor?

Looking for info, help or advice?

Need to plan a menu for a chalet host application?

Not sure what the interview holds? 1:1 or group interview, what to ask???

This group has been set up by to help you get to the slopes next winter!

We have worked seasons, been out in most resorts and worked away year round and would love to help you experience the same !

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  •  EisGeist: 
    I'd like to be a year-round ski bum. I am a liftie, boot fitter/binding installer, ski patroller and I own my own ski tuning business. Been in the retail biz and I'm looking for a permanet home/job. Thats my story and I'm stickin' to it !
     1712 days ago 
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  •  FindASkiJob: 
    If anyone on has worked a ski season before and is available to be interviewed about it please contact Efrem.
    I am looking to put a collection of interviews together with people from a variety of jobs so that others can get some useful insight into what their jobs were like and will help them with their ski job search!
    So if you are keen to be on video and help others please get in touch!
    Efrem -

    ps am expecting the founder Phil to be first to tell us about his repping days and the fun he had on the Snowtrain each week! C'mon Phil get in touch!
     1880 days ago 
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  •  FindASkiJob: 
    2011/12 ski season is almost over but wont be long before we start getting jobs from ski companies for winter 2012/13.

    Companies start their recruiting earlier every year so expect to start applying from May/June onwards.... DON'T LEAVE IT TOO LATE OR ALL THE GOOD JOBS ARE GONE!

    SUMMER JOBS? There are jobs going in summer resorts so visit or for jobs in other sports visit for year round jobs in all sports!
     1883 days ago 
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