The pre trip social never fails to be one that goes in the books of history as EPIC!


In a change from the norm this year we're going to celebrate the fact that we're GOING SKIING by having the theme as APRES SKI!


Get your sallies or retro onesies on and get ready to party the night away!!


Central Bar -> Prizes -> SMUT! -> Hangover


So what prizes are there to give away?!


◊◊◊ Armada STASH◊◊◊

T-shirts - Beanies - Bandanas


◊◊◊ A pair of skis!! ◊◊◊

Gotta look pro on the snow!


◊◊◊ A snowboard!! ◊◊◊

You wanna really play? You need your own tray!



It's not a candle lit dinner with me, don't worry...


And MORE HUGE PRIZES to be announced over the next week...


When and Where?


Central Bar from 8pm, DO NOT BE LATE!!


The prizes will be drawn when they're drawn. YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN!!


After that we'll be heading to SMUT! It really is the ONLY place to be on the Thursday night and we've hooked you all up with £3 guaranteed entry B4 10:45pm! BOOM! There will also be plenty of FREE champers going around to celebrate and of course the sublime SMUT! girls will be on hand all night long!


Remember, as always, all are welcome! Bring your friends, your mother, father, grandma - whoever! As long as they have good chat and buy Bandy a drink they're welcome to come along!!


See you all there!


Snowy Love,


Bandy and the Committee xx


P.S. The act of urinating out of the window of the mens toilets is NOT an acceptable practice. We don't know who you are, but you do. It's disgusting and will NOT be tolerated.

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