Why we LOVE the white stuff so Mmmmuuuuuuchhh!
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It's such a strange thing, but as soon as the kids get back to school and the Autumn weather starts to appear at the beginning of each September it seems like the whole of the Northern hemisphere and indeed many in the Southern hemisphere start turning their thoughts to the snow falling and the next winter ski & board season - but why does it have such a hold on us?


We would love to hear why you love it so much, and indeed some of your quotes could be used as promotion in the lead up to the SnowVole Awards!!


Thank you for your comments.

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For me it is so hard to pin my love of the snow and mountains down to any one thing!


I spent three years working in resort and then a further 12 years working on the Snowtrain as a rep, as well as being the Sales Manager across the Daily Mail Ski & Snowboard magazine and Ski Show for 8 years - I definitely carry the mountains deep inside of me and rejoice every time I return and there are far too many reasons to limit it to one.


But possibly my over-riding memory is during my second season, my chalet was very close to a small chair lift and I remember each morning standing in the chalet kitchen listening to that unique low hum of the chair machinery turning, the cool, fresh, clean air hitting my face and lungs and being over joyed to consider the possibilities the day on the mountain would bring!

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For me its about that first coffee of the morning at breakfast looking out of the Hotel restaurant window at the freshly fallen snow and knowing I will have an amazing day!!

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I really like those really cold crisp mornings!! you know the ones when the skis make a rattling noise as they cut across the freshly groomed piste - Ohhhh Yessss bring it on!

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The thing about the soft white stuff (snow) is that it's terrific on a ski/snowboard holiday, but a real pain in the - - - -- back home in UK when youve got to get to work through it all.

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