Who really started Snow & Rock??!!
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Hello everyone, I hope you are okay with me posting this here but I think it is important for the truth to be exposed. For many years I had always believed Snow & Rock to be the blood, sweat & tears of Mike Brown and few very devoted colleagues. How wrong I was!!!


I have recently started researching a book about the history of the ski industry in the UK and how Brits have help shape it globaly. During that research I can across this article on the "Brasher Boots" blog and suddenly I am enlighted to know that Good Ski Guide Editor, John Hill was actually fundament in the setting up of the Snow & Rock chain.


Unfortunately I can't up load the image i have so here is a link to the web page in question Who really started Snow & Rock

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Hi Crows - you are very welcome to SnowVole and thank you for posting a very interesting story. We ceratinly look forward to hearing more revelations from your research Wink

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Hang on who the HELL is this John Hill Chap? never even heard of the Good Ski Guide let alone John Hill. What a bizzare world we live in. Won't stop me shopping there though.

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I can't comment on this authoritatively, since I've never seen the returns for Snow+Rock at Companies House. My belief/memory (I used to write extensively about ski equipment for the one-time SCGB magazine Ski Survey and The Sunday Times) is that Mike Browne - let's spell his name right - was helped by a number of investors and suppliers in founding the firm.


Snow+Rock (est 1982) emerged from Mike Browne's involvement in a company called Alpine Sports, which was highly successful in the 1970s (when I think many times more skis were sold in the UK than now). Mike was the marketing director of that firm, which had several branches in London and bought Jess Stock's 'The Ski Shop' in Notting Hill Gate. Mike was a total grafter and quite an innovator. I remember (having also worked for Alpine) that he was found asleep at his desk one morning after an overnight stint.


There's no question that Mike was the founder and inspiration of Snow+Rock. Dion Taylor, who now runs the company, could - I'm sure - explain much more about the history ... though he was a relative youngster in the early days of Slush+Rubble.


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At an early press event at Snow+Rock (their original branch was the one in Ken High Street) I recall Dion Taylor hiding in the back of the shop when Carol Thatcher - daughter of the Iron Lady and a ski-scribbler - walked in. I was never sure why Dion (who legend has it once carried a live sheep up a fire escape to deposit in someone's bed) was so scared of the delightful Carol. There was always the danger that you'd be knocked unconscious by her array of bling, but there must have been something else on his mind ...


... Maybe he just didn't want to talk politics that evening.

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David, I certainly stand corrected about Mike BROWNE's name spelling, sorry to Mike for that mispelling, as for the infamous John Hill do you remember seeing him at that press event?

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It's possible that he was disguised as Carol Thatcher, so the answer to that is "perhaps".

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I checked Genesis over the weekend (not the band, the book) and it appears that God created the heavens+earth and snow+rock.

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