Wearable camera test
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Here's s link to Ski Mags test on wearable cameras.




If your thinking about buying (or hoping to win) a camera it's worth taking a look at this video.



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OOOO the JVC sound quality is a bit pants,


I like the drift cameras, have used one, and like how they fit to the helmet on your goggles, not a big fan of the GoPro purely because I think the way it sits on top of the helmet makes people look like Teletubbies.


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I also have a GoPro but I use the chest mount, I did stick the GoPro mount on my ski helmet but I can't bring myself to attach it, keep thinking I look like a twat, and now I can add Teletubbies to that. I have used bullet camera's in the past but I've yet to find anything that compares to the quality of the GoPro, now I'm used to it. I'm toying with a ski mount ( on my Scott Punishers) but the thought of drilling a hole in my skis makes me a bit nervous. I could do with a mount plate like a miniature binding that I could move from the front to the back of the ski, maybe a chat with a ski technician is in order.

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The drift quality was great, although if you move away from your group, because if its lens people become like ants and unidentifiable.  But I loved its comfort and you can purchase a sucker pad fixing for boards and skis so you can mount to your equipment.  Everyone I know who do have a GoPro do love them for me it would be a toss up between the drift or GoPro.


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