Vintage ski posters
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Hi all.


Has anyone seen any ski posters of La Tania in the vintage style? Would be glad of any help.



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Hey Greedypig, One of SnowVole's Facebook friends (James Morgan) has kindly told us that there is a very expensive art gallery near where he lives in Chelsea that sell the vintage resort posters would you like me to ask him for the details?

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Hi Greedypig,


The resort is only 25 years old so they will not be that vintage although I imagine there could be some pretty fine 80`s style rding and skiing going on!  Have you tried contacting the La tania tourist office try


Hope this helps.



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Thanks Skirep but Chelsea art galleries are definitely out of my price range. Also thank to ActveExperience (Claire) for the help as well. I guess I really meant is there anyone making modern day posters in the "Retro style". I will ask the tourist office as well. Thanks again for replying.

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