Video edititing & ski coaching. Just an idea.
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Just an idea I'd like to pitch.


Plenty of of companies offering ski instruction but no one I can find that also offers video editing tuition and ski instruction. I only found one company that offers camera hire (GOPRO type). I notice a lot of people with wearable cameras on the mountain these days, surely one of you Snow Volers has thought of this? I'd be up for a 4 day course.

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Hi greedypig,


I think this has been thought of, but with so many free downloadable video editing suites then it maynot be a viable option for many, although I am sure that if a UK indoor ski centre did a course (3 hours one evening) I am sure people would sign up as the GoPro`s are becoming more popular.


I have a Drift head camera and it took soletile to get used to where I needed to ride to get he best shots of others.  To edit the videos I just use the software on my mac.



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Claire thanks for the reply, always nice to get some feedback. Maybe I'll do some homework when I next go the mountains. All the best for the coming season.


Bon ski.



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