Using and understanding Snowvole
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Is there a preferred place to post questions and comments about features, facilities, foibles and faults in this forum?


Are there any help pages for the forum software?


What are all the fancy menus and submenus for?


What are all the wonderfully titled sections under Account-home / Privacy-settings for?


How do I set the security settings on my Snowvole account to stop my bank account from being cloned?


How do I view only the new posts since my last visit or since some date/time I specify?

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Hi Chanbre,


Yes our sincere apologies the FAQ's page is currently being revamped but I think you have started a great thread that can now be used for queries and questions.


Your Bank account details should not be shown anywhere on your profile and Indeed you have no need to enter them anywhere on this site as a public user.


We will as well as relaunching the FAQ's page be sending out information explaining the main features for the site but the fact you have been able to post this particular set of questions suggests to me you have a pretty good grasp of forums already.


Please enjoy exploring the full facilities of the site and we will always be available to assist if you get too lost.

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