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The NEW RS1 Ski
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So here's the thing, I was looking through my Linked-In groups this morning and came across a discussion that really grabbed my attention.


It was a discussion about what I can only describe as revolutionary new ski that will be a huge assistance to beginners and entry level intermediates and from what I can see and deduce speed up their technique advancement very quickly. Its called the RS1 Ski and as you can see from the image I have attached has a pivot just behind the rear binding which allows the tail section to move making the turn inititation easier, the tail then returns to the middle when the ski is running straight. The spring in the unit ensures the snow contact for the tail throughout the turn.


I can certainly see this ski caused a huge amount of controversy but personally I can't wait to get my hands on a demo pair and give them go!!


Really look forward to hearing from you all on this subject.

RS1 Factory 3.JPG · 1.3M · 3 views
RS1 4.JPG · 1.3M · 2 views
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Hmmmmmmmmmmm I am not so sure to me it looks like a jack-kniving lorry, surely it will make it much more easy to catch an edge?

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As someone who has a family member who is a fairly nervy intermediate skier I think these skis might be of great assistance in building her confidence. I would like to see them in action though.


I have searched all across the internet including Youtube and can't seem to find any video coverage. Anyone know where I can see them being used?

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Hi there, thanks for the comments. I've been involved with testing these skis and working with the inventor over the last year, so hopefully I can answer your questions.


Powdereater - The skis only articulate when you make a turn and there is a spring inside the unit that makes it pretty solid, so the tails do not flap at all. So far, with all the testing, we have not had any feedback concerning catching edges.


Suewhit - The skis are still in the prototype stage and although there are some videos available to view on the RS1 website rs1ski, we are working on more to clearly demonstrate the skis main functions and advantages. You sound like the kind of person that the skis are designed for so it would be great to keep you updated. Right now, they are in an advanced prototype phase and there are just a few test models around. There is certainly going to be an event held where people will get the chance to see the skis and ask questions and hopefully test them out very soon. We will ensure this news is posted here and on Snowvole generally.


Thanks very much for the comments and questions

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Thank you Ski_Press I have viewed the video on your website and I agree it doesn't really show me how they work but will look forward to hearing about the improved videos when they are available.

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