Supa-doopa mega chance to help ladies in need !
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Hi all


We are Katie and Claire, two snowboarders from Meribel, France (and Claire is co-owner of AktivExperience).

Every year we look forward to the girls' park event that is organised for us, and this year we have taken on the challenge ourselves, to provide the ladies of the three valleys with free freestyle tuition in the morning, a competition in the afternoon, and a seriously fun day out on the mountain with other chicas that shred.

We're really excited and proud to announce the She Ride Free Sessions to take place on the 20th March in the DC park in Meribel. We've got some top snowboard and ski instructors onboard for the freestyle tuition; there will be a BBQ to fill up on food, and a DJ playing tunes to motivate us all day long.

We've already got a gang of girls who are raring to go for the event, and we think we can make it BIG! We're going to hold a competition in the afternoon so that everybody can show off the skills they learnt in the morning, and we'd like to make it really interesting with some super prizes. We're writing this post  to ask if anyone would  be interested in contributing some swag as prizes! We've noticed from previous events that when there is some tasty stuff up for grabs, everybody magically rides better than ever before! We're inviting journalists from snowboarding magazines to report on the event, and we'll have our very own photographer too.

With top prizes advertised on our posters, we think it will help to draw in even more girls to the event, and in return it will provide your company with big exposure to your target demographic - girls who shred on skis and snowboards! Everyone who takes part in the event will assosiate your brand with a super fun day out, and we hope that will provide well-deserved advertising for your super company! We use it and love it!

Our posters will go live in 10 days' time, and we'd love to support your company by adding your logo to the event promotion material which will be displayed all over the 3 Valleys, being seen by the eyes of THOUSANDS of skiiers and snowboarders who will want to buy your stuff!


If anyone can assist, please contact us on either 0033 621921364 or e-mail


It would be an amazing help if anyone can assist us.


Thank you in advance


Wink xx

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