So the season is pretty much over...
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... what are folks doing in the summer until the snow returns again?

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The season is over - No WAAAAyyyyyyy!!! its never ending - me I am heading to Mount Hutt and the Remarkables in New Zealand for a month in July can't wait for it!!

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Yes the European resorts are closing and we will have to wait another 6-7 months for them to re-open well I had a root around and found this cool video to keep the enthusiasm going over the summer

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Thats it the season has ended, although will be hitting tinges in the summer. :)

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The Season is not over in Scotland


The season has far from ended in Scotland. The Cairngorms are look incredible for this time of year. We went up last weekend for a cruise around and got met by blue skies, incredible snow conditions and we left with nice little goggle tans too. Hope you can make it up and enjoy what is left.

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Hey Sno-Limit that sounds fantastic!!!


How long do you think it will last? I quite fancy getting up to Cairngorm end of next week, if you think there might still be some snow still available then ? I haven't actually skied in Scotland but if you have any advice for accommodation and equipment hire I would really appreciate it.

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Hi Powdereater,


I have been keeping a close eye on the situation in CairnGorm as I plan to try and ski there myself at half term (1st week in June). Although this is still 50/50, the next 2 weekends look odds-on for some action thanks to recent snowfalls. There will be further snow showers today and tomorrow and signals are strong for a continuation of below average temps. So, yes, you have good chance the weekend after next though the weather on the day can always scupper things (eg gales).

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Thanks so much for this Fraserski really good of you to reply. I have been checking out the webcams here regularly and it seems okay at the moment, but like you say I guess that can change day to day, so its luck of the draw but will defo be worth taking the chance. Just got to find good accommodation any recommendations?

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Seems like this spring in Scotland is "a-may-zing" (sorry). Here is a nice video shot by a friend on Saturday:

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Wow Martin your friend had an amazing day by the look of things, Jesus I just can't wait to get up there this weekend now!!! on the train late Friday afternoon so I can be skiing on Saturday - Come on BRING IT ON!!!!Smile

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Powdereater, your timing may be perfect. Latest forecasts suggest snow on Friday then (possibly) clearing up over the weekend!! Either way, you are pretty much guaranteed some action - and that's not something you can always say in these parts...

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It seems that there is plenty of snow still all over Europe! Check out these pictures which have been sent to me today by SnowVole friends :

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OMG AWESOME!!!! Thanks for this news FraserWilkin I will let you all know how my trip went next week.

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Powdereater, it just gets better and better. It pretty much hasn't stopped snowing all week (still snowing as I write this) and there is powder galore in the top bowls. What's more it is still forecast to brighten up over the weekend - especially Sunday but maybe tomorrow too. You lucky *astard!! Have fun.

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OMG - What an amazing three days skiing I had the snow conditions were AWESOME - I can't believe I have taken this long to go skiing in Scotland for the first time. FraserWilkin thanks for the heads up on the weather you were bang on!


And now I get back here and discover there is a FREE ski trip available - if only I wasn't going to be in Canada at the time - well whoever goes have fun!

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Party's over (on Cairngorm) as the heatwave finally takes its toll. Typical, had hoped for some action next weekend!

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But there's the artifical slopes and all the fun they bring in the summer league race series they run! It never ends............

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Hey FraserWilkin so sorry you will be missing the chance to get up the hill, have to say my experience a couple of weeks ago was probably one of my best weekend ski trips EVER!!! and it was right here in the UK. Right for me is New Zealand in a few weeks time. Have a great summer waiting for teh snow everyone.

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So there is very little skiing to be had in Europe and North America right now but that doesn't mean the ski movie companies are not getting us ready for the film releases with trailers like this

My World Trailer - Life Steeze Media 2012 from LSM on Vimeo.

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Greetings from New Zealand The weather today was bright and sunny but there has been snowfall this week. Anyway though t you guys might be interested in this video I found to whet the juices ready for the next winter.


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Kitesurfing, surfng and windsurfing, and not to forget to use a landboard (jsut about the closest to using a snowboard in movement, used with a small windsurf sail [4.5m] is about right size. These alternative sports demand different skills but they have crossover elements with keeoing one both in shape, ones body supple and fluid to turning and still give you a buzz. not the same as a silent poweder run but still a lot of fun and something to do in the summer period.

But cant wait to get away for the retu7rn of the snow season.
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