Snowboard lessons from the snowboard guru
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Lesson number one:

Don’t “make” snowboarding happen; Let snowboarding happen.

The best piece of advice I give to snowboarders has been this simple lesson of allowing gravity, snow, and the board to do its thing, naturally.

If you are riding on a mountain, your main engine is gravity. Board points downhill = forward momentum. Board points uphill = control of forward momentum.

It doesn’t take a lot to allow the board to point down hill. After pointing it down there is already enough energy from gravity and forward momentum to allow the board to carve uphill and control speed.

The problem is fear; a natural response as the board points downhill is to lean back, which lifts the front of the snowboard slightly making it more difficult to initiate a turn. Before you know it the upper body begins counteracting and wildly swinging around to throw the board round with a great deal of effort.

Instead; stay central on the board, and practice using minimal input from the feet to steer. While facing fear and relaxing in to a state of allowing the mountain and board to do its thing.

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