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Snow across the Alps
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So a dusting of snow has been reported across most of the Alps, hardly enough to be a base for this winter's snow sports, but certainly enough to remind us it's time to start thinking about the winter ahead and organising our annual pilgrimage to the mountains. If anyone has photos of the snow that fell this week please come and post them up for us all to share Smile

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After such a good snow season last winter the question on everyones lips is - Will it snow again this winter?

Well, I’m no expert - but many years of sailing the oceans and working in the mountains - coupled with a love of what makes the weather works makes me a bit of a weather geek!  I’m not pro and if anyone out there has some better ideas - then please do share them.  But here’s my take on the myriad of different speculations out there.


It’s early days yet but apparently El Nino is gathering strength and there is a good chance that she will develop into a meaningful force – this is good news as it creates a warm water mass off to the west of mainland Europe which will create some damp clouds - that given the right conditions will dump the ‘white gold’ on our mountains!


The other good sign is that the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) is also establishing itself.  This is quite simply a ‘blocking pattern’ that slows down the weather systems coming in from the west and allows the colder air from the north a chance to drop down and affect the weather systems – meaning snow not rain!


And the final feel good factor is the “Artic Oscillation’ (AO)which moves the cold air around the top of our planet - this is already moving south (further than this time last year even!) and this will make for lots of colder air being drawn into our weather systems.


So simply put - El Nino will make for damp air, the NAO will slow that air down enough to allow it to be cooled by the AO and we should see huge dumps of the white stuff over the Pyrenees and the Alps this winter.


With the Alpine resorts already reporting above average starts to the winter season it’s time to dust off your winter gear and start building those thighs up!


Here at Neilson we've made some radical changes to the way we do our skiing holidays this year.  For those who have been following us for sometime – we’ve gone back to our roots!  As one of the first companies to offer ‘package’ skiing some 35 years ago – we know a thing or two about what makes a good snow holiday and this winter you’ll find lots of sign posting and expert advice from those who know the mountains best – our overseas staff.


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Pip Neilson Overseas Director
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