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Skiing with Kids.....
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I’m really keen to take the kids skiing....

Next winter I will have a 5 year old and a 2 year’s pretty daunting - HELP!!  Has anyone got any top tips or fave resorts that really work with young kids??



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The best place we ever took our little ones (I think they were about the same ages as yours ... so bear in mind that this was 20 years ago!) ... was Les Arcs 1600, because it has (hopefully still does) a brilliant family hotel called Cachette, with its own creche and snow-play features.


It's probably been copied elsewhere by now.


From a quick search, these appear to be the owners of Cachette now, and it seems to be offered by UK tour operators:

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Hi, we've just got back from Morzine. We have a 7yr old daughter who we put in lessons with the Snow School, where she had a great time. The whole resort seemed very family friendly, we talked to other families who had children younger and older than ours who were in the piou piou and creche and other childcare/ski classes. We went with Crystal and stayed in the Viking hotel which is at the top of the Pleney lift, and is where the ski schools meet up so we didn't have to carry skis poles etc very far. There was a play room in the hotel apparently but we didn't find it, little one was too tired to want to bother! Lots of children were outside sledging into the early evening. We usually choose a hotel with a pool as the little one likes swimming and it makes a change for a couple of afternoons to come off the slopes and have a mess about in the pool.


I've heard a lot of recommendations for Esprit, apparently they do "wrap around" care for little ones, dropping off and collecting them from ski school or creche, but can't recommend them personally as we have not used them.





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Katy we are thinking of going next winter also with a 2 year old.  Am feeling pretty anxious about it to be honest as well as excited.  We've never bee skiing before but always fancied it.


I have no ideas about resorts or how I'm going to choose the right one for us.  We are a family of three and would really love to do other fun stuff other than skiing such as sledging, tobogganing, maybe even a dog sleigh ride! do most resorts offer stuff like that??


some great tips posted above and ill have a look at those resorts, hopefully we might get some more suggestions posted soon, fingers crossed



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Thanks guys - these ideas are great. I think i need to have a look into some tour operators who may take the heat out of it -i like the idea of wrap around care from Esprit....

Do you know any others i can look into... do they do dicounts early or late...?

I'm sure one of my friends mentioned going to Flaine with kids... has anyone been there?? 

There's so much to think about....!! it's so great to be able to get info from people who've been there...

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not looked into as yet but ive noticed first choice do a kids section on their site:


might be worth looking at...

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there is even a 'what to pack section' which i shall be printing out!

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Hi Katyd & Clarence, glad you are thinking about taking your youngster's for the first time, the joy we got from taking our two for the first time was amazing!!


They hadn't seen much snow at that time and they loved being out in it all the time (they were aged 4 & 6). We went with Ski Esprit in Val d'Isere a few years back and their child care and service was very good. The hotel we stayed in actually housed the ceche so it was very easy on us. I would definitely look futher into it if I was you.

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We have been selling lots of Club Med Ski Holidays to our clients and the feed back from those with young families has been very good. In fact a few of our from the office took our families to the new Club Med hotel in Valmorel. We all loved both the resort, which is little known in the UK market and the hotel which is ski in ski out. Club Med offer full day ski lessons 5 days a week to both children and adults and the food is very good so too is the free bar! see our reviews here  Your youngest child would be cared for all day by trained staff.  If you dont fancy that we have a number of chalets that come with nanies, call one of the taem at Ski Line on 0208 313 3999

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There are loads of great resorts out there and you have many childcare options. One that hasn't been mentioned yet is Private nannying. A great company is Snow Angel Nannies and they have a good selection of resorts including Les Deux Alpes, The 3 valleys and Serre Chevalier all of which are very family friendly and have great child friendly ski schools such as The European ski and snowboard school in Les Deux Alpes.


I hope this information is helpful and you have a fantastic family ski holiday!

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Great child care resost from my experiance are: La rosiere and obergurgl. Both places enjoy having children and have a reputation for doing so. If you go with esorit and are first time skiers then both resorts are perfect for you as adults aswell as both ski schools are good and the skiing not that challenging compared to larger resorts like st anton val etc..

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Hi Katy, it has been mentioned by a few people here, but I too have used Ski Esprit to take teh kids away when they were similar ages to yours and I can definitely recommend them!! Smile

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katyd - this thread has been live for sometime so suspect you may have sorted yourself by now?  Kids love snow and they love activity - so skiing is just perfect for them.  most schools wont start them till they are 5 or so - so you'll need to be looking for a holiday with childcare for your little one and a good ski school that will give your eldest the best start on the slopes. From personal experience I can vouch for ESS in L2A who have taught my kids for the past 5 years or so and (without a shameless plug for my business) the Aalborg Hoel in L2A is perfectly positioned and with neilson managed kids clubs you know your kids will be in safe hands having loadsa fun when not in ski school

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So, we didn't make it skiing this year - but i'm determined to go next year and am starting to plan it now.


Does anyone know how i can find out which ski resorts will take 3 year olds in ski school?

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I would suggest Mark Warner holidays.

Note - Most ski schools will take 3 year olds

Main thing it to remember that this will be a family holiday with some skiing, not a ski holiday with a family.

Look here for some tips.

Ok this starts off talking about Italy but the general theme will be the same whereever you go.

In some of the big French resorts there are fully registered UK nannies who will look after your kids as and when needed, so even if you go with a TO that doesn't have a nanny service you should be OK.

Hope this helps

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Katy, sorry to hear you didn't make it skiing this season, but the good news is it gets a little bit easier now your youngest is older. I can wholeheartedly endorse the suggestion above for Morzine where there is a children's ski club called Piou Piou who take children of three and above, provided they are out of nappies. They take part in a mixture of skiing and play and lunch is provided. There are a number of really good small independent chalet operators and hotels and also private childcare, either nanny companies or private nannies. I am not a parent (yet) but I see lots of parents during the season skiing with their kids and the key seems to be making sure you have some fun skiing yourself but sacrifice some slope time as an investment against the future. Treat it as a winter holiday rather than a ski holiday and expect not to be able to ski all day, don't be surprised for example if the kids want to go sledging rather than skiing at first! I would also suggest avoiding resorts where most of the skiing is above the treeline as if the weather and visibility are poor you can still ski in the trees with some shelter- you can save the higher resorts for when they're skiing faster than you are! Good luck for next season!
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Hi, I know this is an old post but I only just joined and had to comment...

I can totally recommend Mark Warner too. We have stayed at a few of their resorts in France and Austria and have never had any issues at all. They we all good and the child care was brill. This year we have been recommended Ski Esprit too, and are going to try them out for a change.

On a similar note, I am about to launch a brand new children's picture book about skiing for young children called MONTY GOES SKIING!

It's totally unique to the UK market and is due for release this September (2013). The official website will be updated with retailers and stockists.

There is also a facebook page ( ) If you like the page, it will keep you updated with the launch and stockists too. You should also be able to buy it at the Ski & Snowboard show at  Earls Court in November.

Have a look and see what you think!!

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We love Tignes. It is full of easy runs with lots of space. You can also get over to Val D'Isere. I just posted on another child related topic which may be useful ref SnowMule. It is a backpack which carries kids skis and stuff. Bought one last year and it was brill.

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