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Ski instructor courses in Canada?
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My daughter would like to do a ski instructor course. She is hell bent on going to Canada and does not consider any other destination. We looked at a numebr of options such as Alltracks Academy, Canadian Rockies, Nonstop Snow, Snowskool and Section8 just to name a few. She is not after a course in a mainstream big ski resort with large crowds and would like to try a range of winter activities including camping out on the snow (I made a mistake and told her a few of my scout years stories back in Europe when I was going out in winter on weekend treks including camping on the snow :-)). Out of all the courses that we found on-line practically the only one that suits her is on Vancouver Island on Mt. Washington. The course is run by a bunch of experienced instructors who are CSIA/CASI examiners. Since they own Section8 I expect that they would go out of their way to provide better service than people who are just hired for the season. In terms of prices they are roughly about the same as others, see comparison . However, their offer seem to be a better value for money given the content. Being close to the coast they even organise surf trips.
I came across Section8 on youtube and based on this video their course seem to be a lot of fun
Has anyone done it? What's your opinion?
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