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Ski fitness classes
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Help!!! - I was wondering if anyone could assist me. I am a very passionate skier and usually take a couple of ski holidays year. Problem is in recent years I have noticed my fitness levels have deteriorated and I am finding it harder and harder to keep going all day each day. Can anyone suggest a training regime I can use to get my fitness levels up? Even better would be if anyone knows of a gym in the Greater Manchester area that offers "Get Fit for Ski" classes? - Thank you.

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Suewhit - personally I attend my local indoor Snow Slope at Hemel throughout the summer to keep my legs in top notch condition ready for the next season, however, I do have a number of friends who are members of gyms in our area and they get their Personal Trainers to put together programs for them including circuit training. I hope this helps?

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Montblancskier thank you so much for the reply. The hubby and I have actually considered a few sessions at the ChillFactor but I was hoping to find a way of improving my general fitness and stamina. So have recently taken to the bike again and weekly visits to the local swimming pool to do fitness lengths Smile Do you think this will be good for my skiing fitness?

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I definitely, do the whole cycling and swimming thing through the summer and then go along to my local slope for a couple of sessions just before my holiday to get the ski legs going again.

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I woud say swimming and cycling are both great exercises for building up stamina and a couple of sessions at the local snowdome before your holiday will help the muscle memory for skiing.


Also have you tried YouTube? if you type into youtube search "skiing exercises" there are many clips and ideas of what exercises will help with your ski fitness

Ski Fitness Video

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Thank you AktivExperience this will be very helpful, I guess I was hoping to get into a class of some sort where I would just be told what to do. I think I might round a few of the local gyms and see what is available, if anything.

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Have you tried Yoga? I find it gives you a great core strength and suppleness, perfect for skiing.

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Oh YOGA!!! What an interesting idea I hadn't considered that one at all!! - Thank you Andyb for coming and suggesting that.

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Ever thought of a weeks surfing? even if your a complete novice, just messing around on a foam board in the white water with a bona fide instructor will do wonders for your fitness and conditioning for the elements. It can even be done in fairly wintry weather. But caution as you will need to suit up adequately warm so instruction here and equipment provision is the key. As for getting your stamina up and fitness  if you choose the colder months) that aside its a whole lot of fun, it is really hard to beat.

Then indoor snowdomes help get the proper muscle memory into place (and the right muscles working) a week or so before you actually arrive at your chosen ski destination.

Note there is a ski slope at Llundudno in North Wales, not that far from Manchester) which is an outdoor offering and pretty cool trendy too. ski or snowboard on offer there. it's a dry slope last time I looked (a year or so ago). 

Gym is also worth keeping in the mix as this is most likely the nearest fitness training facility you will have nearest  to you.

Ever thought of skateboarding. No not the spinning kickflip tricks sort but just slalom boarding? it gives you a workout, gets the hips and legs moving in a similar way to skiing)

I reckon you get the picture by now.

I would consider one of the above alternatives along with the ski slopes training thrown in to keep the muscle memory working and conditioned. Hope some of this helps. (dont forget nutrition, to keep it all intact)
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Hi Suewhit,


Personally, I find that you can't beat cycling. Apart from the fact it is relatively free, it works the 2 most important muscle groups related to skiing; the quads and calves. I would never be able to be on the slopes all day without my year round cycling.


Hope that helps.



Group Ski Holiday Specialists
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Simplyyourholidays Thanks for the input, I am cycling twice a week at the moment and have indeed actually taken up yoga, I feel so much fitter and really looking forward to my first ski holiday coming up soon in Jan Smile I will let you know how I get on.

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Hi SueWhit,


That's great news. I know if I don't cycle regularly, I pay for it on the slopes!


I hope you have a lovely holiday and look forward to hearing how you got on.


Happy new year!



Group Ski Holiday Specialists
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I hadn't skiied for a couple of years (for one reason or another) before the bloggers trip in mid December and I couldn't agree more towards the end of each day I was really starting to struggle, so before my next trip in late Feb I will be definitely taking to road for some running again Smile


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Get out on the ski slopes at the start of December, go skiing every day until April and by then you should be ski fit!!

If that's not possible, then get on a rowing machine (or out on the water if you can) 2 or 3 times a week, as rowing uses many of the same muscles and a good hard workout of 10 to 20 minutes is all you really need, so it won't take up that much of your time. If you have not had some coaching on proper rowing technique, then check out some instruction on youtube first ( as poor technique won't help, is a waste of time and can cause injury.

You could try some balancing exercises using a swiss ball to help you find your centre.... Start by kneeling on the swiss ball and keep a hand on a wall or chair until you are confident and balanced to take your hands away. When balanced you can start to introduce some movement, keeping your core/stomach muscles engaged. If you get really confident with this, try standing on the swiss ball, but I recommend putting a mattress on the floor first to give you something soft to fall on to.

Another good balance exercise a trainer taught me 20 years ago, put your ski boots on and stand on a 2 inch branch placed on the ground, then find your centre of balance so your toes and heels are off the ground, when you're comfortable with that, you can then make it more difficult by lifting one foot off at a time, move in and out of a flexed position or try a narrower branch.

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Hi everyone, There is no doubt at all that ski fitness is extremely important, not just from the enjoyment level but for avoiding injury as well as you tire at the end of an exhausting day on the slopes.


I have been able to find a number of very good ski exercise videos and this one I believe to be a great work out and it only takes half an a day to get you prepared for your holiday.

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I hate wasting my valuable time exercising.........


So if you need to strengthen your thighs and calves and like me, you hate wasting your time, then I recommend......


Multitasking...... Squats and toe raisers. Simply do squats and toe raises on alternate days on one or two legs/feet for two minutes every morning and evening...... While brushing your teeth! I can do 200 toe raises or 300 to 400 squats while brushing my teeth twice a day and I have not wasted a single second. After two weeks you'll be ready for any run on the mountain and have a great smile..... Smile

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Here's a Ski Exercise Guide written for us by a personal trainer. Have a look and let us know if it's useful.

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