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Serre Chevalier - Chantemerle
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Hi all.


Anyone had a experience skiing in Serre Chevalier - Chantemerle in late March? Looks like we won't be getting to Tignes les Brev but have found something interesting here. We'll be driving to resort so no problems with flying for us. Any honest tips are much appreciated.  Thanks

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Hi mate, I worked there last season - it's a wonderful place.

What would you like to know?


If you would like to see something of the area here's a film i shot there towards the end of the season:

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Wow, that's a good video, good production, looks very professional.


I'll stick to the piste though. It show the area very well and I know I've made the right decision booking it. Don't think my video will be as good!


Many thanks for the reply really appreciated.

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Glad you liked it.


If you have questions about the area just let me know, might be able to help


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Much appreciated, I'll bear it mind. Don't want to pester you too much. Maybe I can get get some tips on shooting my video's!

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No worries.

i guess be creative with how you hold your headcam, try keep it stable and nice n' close up.

Get your ski action shots, get your landscapes, get your personal lifestyle moments and be ruthless with you edit!


When editing look at the movement in each frame and try to cut between shots in a way that allows the eye to follow the movement arose shots as fluidly as possible


But just have fun with it, that's what shines through the most!


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