Review - 11/12 - Amplid - Declaration 157 Mid Wide
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I was given the chance to use a 11/12 Amplid Declaration demo board the other night whilst having a session at Dorset Snowsports Centre (Warmell to most people) so thought I'd pop up a short review


amplid declaration


Make: Amplid

Model:- Declaration

Size:- 157 MW



Binding: Union Contacts

Boots:- 32 Lashed (size 10)

Conditions:- Snowflex (clean and well watered!!)



So firstly the Declaration is a fairly stiff board, especially for the dryslope and I'm sure It would be way more at home launching through a ton of fresh snow somewhere, It's manufactured to Amplid's normal high specifications and benefits from one of their many camber options, this time the mid-riser reverse camber. It's in a mid wide, which I really like as for people like me with a size 10 boot, and a little heavy, who don't want a wide but like the extra width that allows us to keep the length down.


Nailing on the bindings, the weight and feel of the board feels about right (i'm no gram geek, but you know when a board feels heavy right?) and upon strapping in and popping a couple of flatland ollies and nollies it was nice to feel a reverse camber board with some spring in it's step.


The first run down is always a challenge on a new board (I haven't ridden plastic for twelve months either... i forgot how much resistance there is compared to snow) however the Declaration handled my bumbling like a charm, with sharp transition from toe too heel, easy to initiate turns and a steadiness and resistance to chater and bounce when pointed straight downhill that many other reverse cambers don't have.


Staying strapped in and returning via the throngs of holiday lodge ski punters back to the top I lapped the slope for the next 40 minutes, trying to vary my technique and run as much as possible to put the board (or myself) through it's paces,  It handled it all very well, from loose lazy J turns to quick links and full speedlast second carves back to the lift line the declaration had it covered and was leaving me with a grin on my face.


This is an all mountain board, but handled the few (small) airs without an issue, with it being nice and stable and solid under the bolts for the landing so I'm sure that it would handle bigger kickers with ease, the reverse camber makes it fairly jib friendly but the stiffness doesn't lend itself to super pressed rails and box tricks.


Build quality as I said is second to none, and the graphics are fairly cool, in an anti-corporate robo vibe sort of way!!


What Amplid say:-

The Abuse Base Technology of our Declaration is finally putting an end to all base abrasion problems. This deck is undoubtedly the true twin for all terrain and conditions.

We've added our Midriser Rocker line to make the Declaration even more forgiving. You'll be "catchfree" in all riding scenarios and float like a dream during your backcountry sessions.

An extra 10mm of nose and tail as been added to assist you through those inevitable bomb holes. Keep it hardcore on the entire mountain.



So all in all a great board, probably not best suited to full time dryslope and dome freestylers but those who like to crank down with some speed, or those who are going to get the chance to open it up a bit on the piste and maybe even in a little powder!!


Definetly worth a try if you get a chance and a slightly more unusual option if you are thinking about boards like the K2 turbo dream, Ride Antic or maybe a salomon ace.


Board on Amplid Site:-

Loaned by :- big|dreams snowboarding Wareham, Dorset





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ShredPunk thanks so much for this review a great help to anyone considering this board.

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