Peter Dyer back in the game???
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SnowVole is having a great time hooking up with old and new friends at the Ski Snowboard Show down in Earls Court London. We also love to sniff juicy gossip and yesterday we think we came across one. There we were sitting quietly in one of the Ski Show bars when we overhear an amazing piece of news. Family specialist TO        Ski Famille  has been sold to Peter Dyer.

Peter is a well known ski industry success story have been very successful in launching Crystal Ski and more recently acting as the UK Vice-Chairman of Hotelplan the Swiss organisation that own Inghams, Ski Esprit, Ski Total and Inntravel.

We should point out that this is currently just a rumour and when we get more information on this transaction we will let you know and hope to see more posts here soon.

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In more news from the Ski Show last week, SnowVole understands there is a possible takeover happening at Ski World. We will be definitely keeping an eye on this one for you and how it could affect the  running of that business.

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SnowVole understands that the "Due Diligence" in this matter is now quite a long way along and is indeed being carried out b a BIG name bank! when we know more we will let you know :)

One final piece of Ski Show gossip is available to see here

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