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Passo Tonale
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Visiting Passo Tonale for the first time in a few weeks any resort information would be welcome.


Am a little worried each time I check the PT webcam it is cloudy/misty, lets hope for some sun.



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Hi Steve, Welcome to The SnowVole I really hope you enjoy being a part of the community here. Passo Tonale is a very high resort in the Dolomites and you are pretty sure of snow there, like most of Europe the air across the Dolomites has been very still and this extreme cold snap has done strange things for the weather, I am sure that the sun will be shining there come the later half of the month

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I've been to passo tonale twice now and I love it!! Your first impression may not be outstanding as it's very clearly a purpose built village rather than a traditional one, but it has great amenities. The SnowBreak360 cafe by the main chair and the bar on the slopes by the main chair are defiantly great places to suss out on the first day. The resort of tonale itself is nice, open and relatively easy therefore perfect for begginers and scorpio bay is the best place on tonale's slopes for lunch up the long chair. When this place really shines though is once you've got your ski legs back after a few days and you discover the fantastic runs up the glacier, the alpino run on the edge of tonale, and you venture to the connected resort of ponte de lingno which is accessible either by an amazing 11km non stop run starting on the glacier or by a long, fast gondola. The local lift pass works for passo tonale, ponte de lengno and the presena glacier so unless you want a long bus ride to another resort there's really no need to buy the regional pass. Ponte de lengno is a far more difficult resort made up mostly of blacks and reds that should be blacks!! Even if you don't want to ski there the village is old and beautiful so is defiantly worth the gondola ride. plus when tonale has misted up as it does quite often the glacier and ponte are usually perfect. Also because it's so open when tonale isn't misted up it's usually because it's in glorious sunshine. Anyway, you'll have an amazing time!!

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morzee 94 Welcome to The SnowVole I hope you enjoy being part of the community and thanks for this great post to help out stevekvm Cool

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