Lindsey Vonn wants to race in a Mens race!!
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Lindesy Vonn has written to the FIS asking for permission to compete in the Men's World Cup race in Lake Louise next month. However, if she is allowed to compete she will miss the Women's slalom and giant slalom in Aspen Colorado which will take place the same day.


"It’s complicated because no racer is supposed to ski on a race course a week prior to his or her own competition. If Lindsey Vonn could train and compete with the men in November, she would have a huge advantage on her rivals the following week during the women’s races on the same course,” Atle Skaardal, the director of the women’s World Cup said.


Would love to hear your thoughts on this, please post here and have your say.

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Well if that is what Lindsey wants to do then she should be allowed to. To my mind it's a bit like when Michelle Wie wanted to play in men's golf tournament's - great for headlines and will create a spike in interest in ladies racing but I don't really feel that ladies racing is much less popular than men's racing so what's the point!!

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Think Snow-Junkie is correct in what they say but to my mind what is more interesting is the fact that the ladies race is on the same course a week later - I just wonder Undecided

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Yes I would tend to agree with Andyb here, it is clearly that she is looking for an advantage over the other girls in the Lake Louise race!

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I think she is disrespecting her fellow Women competitors and the competition that has made her rich and famous.

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I  agree with many of the posts, I feel that she is slightly disrespecting her fellow women skiers, I think she is saying that they do not push her enough and that the only way to do this is to compete with the men and the fact that it is on a course that a week later she would be racing the women on gives her an advantage in my eyes.  She think she should stick to racing with the women and train with the men.  If she is allowed then that opens the doors for everyone as they cannot allow just her.

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