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La plagne (general area)
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First post. Thanks to the guys at snowvole for organising this trip, phil and slash have done a great job sortin everything out and negotiating deals with everyone out here I give us this free holiday! The crossing over from Dover was rough, 10:30 pm followed by a 10 hour drive to our chalet in time for breakfast. Being one of the lucky few selected to go to la plagne with snowvole, I can comment on the general area, what there is around, how much skiing there is ect. The la plagne area is mostly linked together which allows for a lot of mountain coverage. The majority of slopes are blue and red runs with plenty of of piste and back country. We are staying at Casters, one of the chalets owned by Snow Chateaux, (, a fully catered chalet with great food and friendly service. The area is made of individual resorts accessible by car, ski lifts and busses. Met some good people so far, and look forward to sharing more with you guys over the next week or so. Cheers Alex

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Thanks Alex, we are delighted to have you here with us and with 3 full skiing days still to come I am sure we are in for a lot more treats on and off the slopes!

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And a blog three days into our awesome trip

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Unbelievably I am the resident “old dude” in a group of about 20 bloggers most of whom seem to be about the same age as my kids!  In fact yesterday out on the piste in Les Arcs, someone referred to me for the first time in my entire life as “the old dude”.  This will take a bit of getting used to.

Free 5 Star ski week did sound just a tad unbelievable.  “What do I have to do?” I asked, “Oh just come along, enjoy the ride and blog about it”.  Where’s the catch then? There must be a time share sales guy waiting to pounce or another similar financial purpose.  Well actually, now that I am here, the only catch is on the bathroom door of my luxurious en suite bathroom.


Phil from Snow Vole who invited me along on the trip picked me up from the bus stop somewhere out here, quite late on Sunday night.  As I waited standing on the kerb side with just my backpack, ski boots and phone, I did wonder if this virtual Facebook friend actually did exist and was going to arrive, and was this actually an epic prank.  Glad to report, that yes he does, and he did!  On reflection, you have to be fairly adventurous to be me.  I’m always arriving at some distant place expecting to be met by just an email or Face book contact.


Val Disere day one, Les Arcs yesterday, Le Plagne today, Tignes tomorrow, its all too exciting for me!  The chalet is run and owned by Dan through his company Snowchateaux It’s really nice, relaxed, not too stuffy, hot tub, great gourmet tuck, nice staff, hot water, boot room – it’s also ski in ski out.  Les Coches is really well connected since the massive Vanoise Express, double decker cable car opened. I have stayed before at Plagne 1800 and also Nancroix (so cold that Christmas, it warmed up to -17 day time) and this place is the sweetest!  Good start, so excited!



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A few things I learned on the bloggers trip! What an awesome – and enlightening – week! When Sick means cool and ripped means buff

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There is definitely a whole new language associated with the ski & board "park life" scene, but I guess every generation evolves language which can only be a good thing!

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Loved being part of the Bloggers Trip to Les Coches hosted by snow chateaux. Phil from Snow Vole fixed me up with some real nice Rossignol skis, sort of advanced all rounder type.  I've moved on from the old twin tips, preferring instead a squarish back end, which I think gives better control, and also, since i'm so fast most people end up skiing behind me, which means that they don't get the spray of snow in their faces, which twin tips irritatingly always do.   Phil was handing out the skip passes like confetti, and to be hoest I’m not used to this level of “jolly” but I don't mind.  The powder yesterday in Les Arcs was the best I have ever ridden (young people don’t ski or board – they “ride”).  I ended up having like a Narnia moment, all alone in a forest of hip high powder, trees looking like Christmas, laden with snow and the silence, or lack of noise was deafening, and enchanting in equal measure.  Those of us who have ventured into such a wonderland are indeed privileged.  Hacked down under the chair lift just for fun, at one point it was unspeakably steep, but you know there are times when those thirty six weeks of lifetime skiing do come in handy.  A quick jump, spin – oh yes, no real problem to me!

One of the guys on the trip John Moy of is an awesome film maker, he literally has am amazing amount of gear with him, like a waistcoat harness thing, with a counterbalanced device for his Canon 5D – awesome.  He is where my son wants to be in a couple of years.  So, today no skiing, I’m sitting here working away at my lap top, tomorrow the sun is out, so I’ll see if I can get some pictures.

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just booked a hire car for next weeks Verbier trip from Snow Vole sponsor Holiday Autos. Just figured anyone who sponsors Slash and Phil must be ok, and secondly four train fares from GVA to Verbier must be about £60 a pop, so hiring a Focus for £200 has to be ok, unless of course those very nice folks at Holiday Autos want to upgrade a weary blogger to a nice 4wd jag or something - just saying!

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Hi Richard - Glad to hear the Ski Drive option appeals to you after the bloggers trip, however, be sure to check out our other friends MoneyMaxim who will be able to help save you money on Car Hire Insurance Excess, should teh worst happen.

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Another update now the trip is well and truly just a memory and Christmas has been and gone :( Another big thanks to Phil and slash, they did a great job of getting us back home safely, and in time to be on the Club Lounge on the ferry back to Dover, the complimentary champagne and food on the P&O ship was very welcome! For all of though looking for catered chalets in La Plagne, I can't recommend snow chateaux enough, amazing food, great staff and plenty of luxury to the chalet. Another thanks to Benois at Ski set in Les Coches, who sorted those who needed hire equipment, really helpful place and the guy will help you out with everything hire related. Holiday autos were great in giving us three brand new cars, surprisingly you can fit 11 people and all their snow equipment in 3 soda Octavias! Hopefully a few more posts now we're well into 2013! End the rest of the season all. I'll be back out in three valleys at Easter!!! Alex
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