James Cove (Planetski) attacks US PR "bullshit"
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James Cove, content editor of the popular ski news website Planetski, has launched a furious attack at some PR activities he's experienced on US ski trips this winter. Under the news headline "Worst moments of the winter" Cove complains of " ... endless bullshit on press trips to North America became somewhat irritating after a while". Then he really rubs it in ...


"North America had much to offer but most of the resorts are small compared to The Alps, the snow is not better than the Alps and the food is nowhere near as good."


His travelling companion - ski writer Alf Anderson - backs him up, specifically in relation to disappointing snow conditions at Deer Valley in Utah. Deer Valley is one of the world's most up-market ski destinations, made famous by the Norwegian skiing legend and Olympic gold-medallist Stein Eriksen.


It has to be said that this type of outspoken published criticism is extremely unusual. Ski writers are regularly provided with free hospitality (one assumes that that applied here, since the phrase 'press trips' is used) and are usually very circumspect about the PR involved. One hardly has to read between the lines on this occasion. Have a look ...






"And in The Alps we can all get on a lift without some goon making us get in a line and telling us how to do it. Awesome!" James Cove, Content Editor, PlanetSKI"


"Listening to the same bullshit as the editor of this august site in the good ol' US of A - yes it can be a great place to ski but for God's sake guys cut the crap. Here's a classic example - I was on a chair at Deer Valley with a mate discussing the poor quality of the snow when the dude next to me pipes up "You obviously haven't skied here before!"

"Actually mate it's my third time and the snow has always been like this"

Stunned silence followed by the pithy remark "Well at least we know how to groom here, unlike Europe"

Oh, well that makes the failure to live up to the hype - yet again - ok then...."
Alf Alderson, Ski and Surf writer."

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