Jade Etherington needs a guide!
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Can you help Jade by being her guide?

Read below if you're interested:

Jade Etherington is a visually impaired ski racer on The British Disabled Ski Team. She is 21 years old and classified as a B2 (less than four per cent vision in both eyes) and is qualified for World Cup Slalom, Super-g and Downhill and European Cup Giant Slalom. She is looking for a new guide to compete and race with her in

the 2014 Winter Paralympics and looking for an experienced skier with a racing background who would be willing to train and race for up to 20 weeks per season from the beginning of October 2012. 

Being a guide you will also receive medals at each competition, including the Paralympics, and be an integral part of the British team. The idea of a guide is to ski in front of the visually impaired athlete and via Bluetooth radios in the helmets dictate to the athlete when to turn around the gates, helping the athlete through a race course. A guide is also required off snow for example: assistance in travelling to and from training and competitions i.e. taking the same flight. Therefore, a great amount of trust and a strong relationship is needed between athlete and guide on and off snow. Jade has worked with a range of guides and can easily adapt to someone new after a few training runs. Therefore, to see if Jade can work with you a trial day will take place at Manchester ChillFactore. 

The guide’s costs are covered through sponsorships and fundraising so the guide is required to be involved in fundraising. There is some funding available but Jade and the new guide now need to raise a further £10,000 together in order to complete their full season and qualify for Sochi 2014. 

If you want to find out more or are interested in skiing with Jade please contact her directly on 07714170416 or j_etherington@yahoo.co.uk
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