Free wi-fi at Europe's highest ski resort
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Val Thorens - the highest ski resort in Europe - is rolling out free wi-fi on its main lifts ...

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Nice. Most of the bars in my town are not even offering free wifi, so to get it on the highest ski resort in Europe is ace. I wonder if the Ski Scotland Resorts are offering wifi on their lifts?
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 It is always a good thing at any resort to have free wifi. It also reassures one that there is the means to stay connected with the rest of the world for work or pleasure, emergencies etc. Having wifi in a way lets us know that there IS a decent internet connection and takes away that pre-travel uncertainty wondering if there will be the means to communicate with others when arrive at a resort. For some needing to continue contact for work etc it may be a deciding factor of whether to travel there or somehwere else that does provide a good connection service.

I wonder if the Higher altitude of the resort makes for better connectuions to ones deivces? I mean all that cleaner thinner air ?


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Kind regards and happy Ski-surfing!
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Ski Amadé rolled this out before the beginning of the 2011/2012 season and it is being extended all the time. A really useful Ski Amadé app was produced as well which is updated on a regular basis telling you what is going on in each area as well as which lifts/pistes are open.

Loads of resorts in Austria with free WiFi  on the slopes now!  So France is just playing catch up I suppose Wink

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