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Eurostar to Chamonix???? Amazing
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Wow just seen a blog on here from Chamonix and they suggest I can now catch the Eurostar to Martigny with a 50 min transfer to resort - Love it!! I have never caught the train services to the Alps but really like the idea anyone got any suggestions for a novice, like food, drink and luggage allowance?

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Skirep1 knows most things about going ski on the Eurostar.......

But I would recommend taking plenty of food, snacks and drinks as the buffet cars used to run out frequently.

And unless things have changed, there is no real baggage limit, so you can take pretty much all you can manage, great for people with their own skis.

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Robinski - thanks for the build up - lol. Yeah as Robinski says the train is an amazing form of travel to the Alps and can be extremely hassle free, but as has already been pointed out I would definitely consider making sure you take your own food & drink supplies for the journey. Luggage allowance is also very generous and ski & board carriage no issue what so ever.


If travelling with children be sure you have plenty of entertainment for them, it will be a very long journey without any natural break for them to get off and run around.

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We have plenty of guests thet use the Eurostar to reach Moutiers for long weekends (not to be confused with the snowtrain that does saturdays) , many do the sleeper overnight, leaves London at 7 or 8 pm and on the 9pm Paris to Moutieres , reaches Moutieres at 6.30 in the morning.  Many find it a great way to get to the alps especially the sleeper as they get extra ski days.  Luggage weight is more of less unlimited, so long as guests can fit it in their alloted area all fine.  Agree that if you are doing train take your own food and drinks.


I have personally done the journey with my son when he was 4 and was one of the better ways we have travelled.

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