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Dog Friendly Motorhome Ski Resorts in Europe
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Hi we are travelling across Europe visiting ski resorts from Jan 2016 and will be motorhoming our way around.  We plan to stay in 'Aires' and the equivalent in Italy, Switzerland and Austria.  We are looking for recommendations of best stopovers close to ski stations.  We will also be travelling with our dog Willow and we are looking for dog friendly resorts where one of us can ski whilst the other one of us dogsits in a dog friendly watering hole slopeside preferably...unless anyone knows of a dog ski school or knows where we can take her skiing with us!  Any advice welcome :-)

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Hi Jackski, Sounds like an amazing adventure! Would love to do the same at some point. I have had lots of snowboarding experience in Switzerland which is generally very dog friendly. Spent a lot of time around Churwalden which connects to the Lenzerheide/Arosa Ski resort, and there is a motorhome park at the foot of the mountain which is conveniently next to a lift:

Hope that helps! Gina

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Hey Jackski,

I can't comment on resorts that allow dogs but can certainly give you some heads up on motorhome areas as done a few when saving money doing the racing graft with the lad.

Pila (Italy) - Carpark at bottom of main lift station. Keep to side on the shops side as they are cool with that and you can walk (in boots) to main lifts. Also walking distance for eating out from carpark and supermarket is opposite car park.

La Tania (Meribel) - Carpark on left in La Tania which is a drop down from the road on left hand side. They do charge but like a bird its cheeep!

Meiringen (Switzerland) - In the town of Meiringen at the top part there is a main carpark for the lift which is just by the river. If you park way down at the bottom so immediately as you enter the car park then they are cool with that. It is a trek though to the lift and over to the main town stretch - would say around 20mins walk to coop supermarket in town and around 10mins to lift from where you will be parked. Dont try parking up on the mountain as they do not like this at all.

Champery Les Crosets (Switzerland) - Massive carpark and you pay in the lift office for your motorhome ticket. Need long extension lead as this draps off the back of the carpark to the underground carpark below so make sure you have one for elec hook up. Walking distance to lifts but get stocked up on food before you get there as know super markets within easy walking distance.

Flaine (France) - Plenty of different areas here - some with elec hook up and some without. We stayed at the 'Stages' area which is where my lad was race training. This is the bottom car park quite a stint from the main Flaine shoppy type of area. Lots of motorhomes were next to us. But I would say you are better staying in the Flaine shopping part (also where main lift ticket office is...) where there is a dedicated motorhome area with elec and short walk from town area. 

Anyway theres a few to get you started - will add more later..

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