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Courchevel name change
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I just read that Courchevel is going to change the name of all the different stations.


It seems pointless to me. Do you think other resorts will start renaming? Maybe it will be Les Arcs next.

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The names have already been changed, 1650 is Courchevel Moriond, 1850 is just Courchevel, 1550 I think is Courchevel Village and La Praz signs are already Courchevel La Praz , people will always know them as La Praz, or by their height so I think is was really a pointless money wasting exercise but in 5 - 10 years the new names will be widely used.

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Yep In a few years no one will remember.


It would be quite amusing if it went the other way and Meribel starts renaming by Hight.

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