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SnowVole will soon be evolving and 2.0 is just around the corner. But before we fully launch the NEW look site we thought we would you the members what features & functions you currently like or dislike about SnowVole and if there were any particular features you would like to see introduced?


We await your input!

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I think the Snowvole pages are way too complicated and the things one would want want to do are obscured by all the other things. There are 12 named entries and 4 icons on the top menu bar. Waving my mouse pointer over most of them reveals many sub menus, I counted over 120 entries. In an attempt to understand them I tried the About==>FAQ entry and there were no questions! There were only a few statements that might better be titled "Description of the forum's areas". Has Snowvole had enough posts with questions for any to be considered "Frequently Asked Questions"?


I would hope that Snowvole V2 has a simplified interface. I do not see any improvements since my post


The "Post reply" window I am typing in now does not seem to have any way of inserting a link with a different display text. The menu there has three lines of stuff with many greyed out. The icon with the "Edit/insert link" tooltip is grey and clicking it has no effect.

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Hi Chanbre, Yes we have indeed noted your opinions again and  we have been waiting for this latest update to implement a number of changes. I really hope you will like the changes when they arrive in the next few weeks.

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I'd agree. WAY too many features. Start simple, and allow people to get used to the basic site. The introduce the features back in one by one.


Improved interface and sleeker design would be great (see wordpress/buddypress)


The ability to create new groups. I just tried to create a group for Scottish skiers and boarders, couldn't figure out how.


Less focus on commercial features. This is meant to be a social network, so user submitted content should get priority over commercial stuff although I do realise a balance needs to be made in order to make money to keep the site running.


The profile pages seem a bit impersonal and generic. A link in with facebook/twitter would be excellent.


Less sub forums. This dilutes and spreads out the of posts in the forums, and means it often involves more "clicks" to find an article you are looking for.


If you want anymore opinions please don't hesitate to ask.

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When will we be seeing Version 2? or is this version 2? I have just signed up so I have no idea which version this is.

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DavdAJack - Thanks so much for the posting's. This is still version 1, which was launched in Feb 2012. Version 2 should be here by mid January latest (subject to testing).


Yes there is a lot of features on the site currently but we wanted to know what feature's people wanted to use hence the number of feature's available, when the second version is launched we will be implementing many of the suggestions you have made here. We look forward to interacting with you more in the future.

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If you need a tester let me know.

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