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Buying a Helemt
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Hi There, can anyone out there give me some advice on buying a helmet, I have never had one and looking to buy one for the first time this year? - Thanks

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Buy one that fits you well. Any other considerations are secondary. Personally, I like helmets with lots of vents because I run hot. And I like removable earflaps. And I like them white because they're less hot in the spring/summer. And I hate those big sun visors like on MX helmets because they make it impossible to put your goggles on your helmet - but I do like a small visor to keep some sun out and to prevent snow from getting crammed into the top vents of my goggles.


But fit trumps all. Some people have round heads and some oval. I have an oval melon. Boeri and POC helmets don't fit me right. Giro and Smith fit great. YMMV.

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as per the poster above, fit is king, and the spec and style is up to you.


personally I've been wearing the sandbox eps for the last couple of years and it fits my head brilliantly


check 'em out at or check out magic toasts website as they are the distro's


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I wear a salamon with pump to make the neck comfy and warm but do try it on with your usual goggles and glasses too (or you may find that u need to buy new ones)
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Agree with the above re fit. To add to that – if you don't have goggles buy them at the same time so that they fit the Lid. Take you time, don't be rushed at a ski show or busy Saturday.

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Don't! Helmets reduce your peripheral vision and make you feel invincible. You'll ski carelessly, and become a danger to yourself and others. There's no proof that helmets reduce injury, either.

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yes there is.


but no proof they reduce death,

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Is there?


Then post it all.

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ok?  Not exactly hidden on the internet.


go down below the bit about deaths.


Thankfully deaths skiing are rare and there will never be a prospective controlled randomly-allocated trial of sufficient statistical power to show an effect.


Many of the myths about lids you hint at are dealt with well.


Bottom line - it is a personal choice, but people should be informed by evidence not myth...

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Thanks, but I'm going to choose to ignore you for no sound reason.

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strange that....!


great name btw... I wonder how long it will take Mr Keith to work out where it comes from... Wink

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It's all very well you lot talking about Helmets... after all there is a wealth of information out there on that subject.  However, can none of you read?  The OP asked specifically for info on 'Buying a Helemt'.


Please stay on topic.

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I would go to a helmet shop, try one on and then pay. That's how I bought my helmet.

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I have a shiny purple helmet. Cool

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I have a shiny purple helmet. Cool

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PJSki - surely there is no need to make smutty jokes in response to a perfectly reasonable question? And certainly not twice.

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Be sure to get one with good ventilation. My helemt gets quite sweaty very quickly.
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Another vote for fit!


Go to a shop with a wide selection of a lot of different brands and try them all on to see which is the most comfortable when on properly.


Things I look for are vents in the top, removable ear warmers (for late season) and adjustable at the nape of the neck.


Once I've found one that meets all criteria then I choose the best colour/pattern in that helmet and finally look at the cost of it :cry:


The thing with this approach is that not all goggles fit well with all helmets so often I end up then having to buy a new pair of goggles Cry

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Often? How frequently do you buy a new helmet then?
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This may take this thread off the serious stuff, but knowing how cool I look on the slopes, I was wondering if anyone knows where my not so lucky friends could get ears and a tail (snow vole style) for their helmets, so they can match my look!!!!

(p.s. feel free to share any photos of your crazy helmet decorations so we can mock/judge)

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Often? How frequently do you buy a new helmet then?

New one every season..... but then I was skiing for 15/20 weeks a season.


Even though I am very careful as to how I look after my helmet (phnar phnar) it is amazing how damaged it gets during the course of a season.

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I agree with many of the posts here, its about comfort and safety combined, if you are not comfortable in your helmet then chances are you will give up wearing it and that could be the time you need it most.


Yes there is NO clear evidence that a helmet will save your life but why take that risk, it will certainly help prevent brain injury if you hit a rock or tree or perhaps Stoatsbrother would suggest we ban helmets for motorcycling also?


For me I take as long to purchase my helmet each year as I do my boots!!

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smiths variant (brim or no brim) that's the one i would look at

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As many people have stated, FIT is the most important factor to buying a helmet, it needs to fit correctly so shop around as didfferent brands fit & feel differently.  Also take your goggles with you as some helmets do not fit with all brands of goggles.  I personally have a salamon helmet and it fits like a glove and suits my Electric goggles.  I have had a Giro helmet with an adjustable back that would tighten around the base of the head to get a perfect fit, after falling several times and eventually falling that hard on my head cracking the helmet I purchased the Salamon.


Someone mentioned that helmets reduce peripheral vision, I have never found this to be the case and plus it would be your goggles that reduce the peripheral visoin not the helmet.


I do beleive a helmet is an important part of your skiing kit and just like your skis and boots needs to fit and feel comfortable to be of use.


Happy Shopping!



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I really like the tip about taking my goggles with me I will definitely do that - Thanks for that tip Smile

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My husband has just bought me the "Dainese Enjoy Helmet" and I have say it is an amazing fit and very comfortable and I can definitely state that the peripheral view is not compromised in any way Smile


As DynastarLangeUK the soft cushioning at the back of the helmet really aids with the comfort.

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I never used to wear a helmet when skiing, in fact I was one of those people who said I would NEVER wear one, even though I cycle to work every day and wouldn't leave the house until I had my helmet was firmly secure on my head.


This all changed about 5 years ago when I took my son boarding for the first time and I insisted he wear a helmet. It was then that it dawned on me how ridiculous I was not wearing one, we went straight to the nearest retailer to our hotel in resort and bought myself one that afternoon, now I will not leave the hotel until my helmet is securely fastened.

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Guys to balance the discussion a great pal of mine Doc Geoff fell backwards whilst Boarding with me in BC. He died of a bleed to the brain 6 hours later.... No helmet.... Would A helmet have saved him? .... Probably Do I now always wear one? .....only sometimes ..... It's always the same thought..... It wouldn't happen to me would it?
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Oh and to answer the question .... Go to a respected retailer and try and buy!
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Hi JohnnySkitrek you are very welcome to SnowVole and thank you for your comments. Indeed yours is a very tragic sorry and thank you for sharing. I am sorry for your experience but it does show how easy an accident can occur.

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I know from bitter experience that protective head gear will save you life. I got away with a bloody nose and a badly damaged helmet ( no pun intended)! Without the helmet you would need a Ouija board to contact me.

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Well we are all very pleased to see you here still

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First ever season didn`t bother with a helmet, way too cool for that ha ha ha, that was until a friend ended up in hospital after knocking herself out on the piste falling, it was a simple silly little fall but she caught her head, that made me rethink the whole helmet issue.  Fast forward  6 seasons, and I have a child who I would never let on the mountain without a helmet and who is the "helmet police" ha ha , try going without it and you get a stern talking to !


Considering the speed people ski and board it is in my opion wise to wear a helmet.  Last year I installed a GPS tracker that tracks your route and also show speed, top speed was just over 80km/ph .  I wouldn`t get on a motorbike and ride that fast without a helmet so I certainly won`t go on the mountain without it.  The proof that they save lives maynot be conclusive but I wouldn`t want to take my chances.


Not only that what about other mountain users, the unpredictable peak season nutters who have zero piste awareness , I fear them more than myself, all it takes is one to ski into the back of you at speed.

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Personally I never wear a helmet and never have, I might wear a cap occassionally if the weatehr is very cold but just HATE the feeling of anything on my head!

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Just had a very interesting thought, does anyone know of any Ski/Board Schools where it is compulsory for the instructors or pupils to where helmets?

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Hi skiRep


I don`t beleive there are any laws regarding compulsory helmets for kids in France, but I know that here in Meribel no school will accept kids without helmets which is great as it gets them used to wearing them from a young age.   I understand that Austria and Italy have a law that all children under 14 must wear a helmet when on the slopes.


It`s rare that you see a ski instructor wearing a helmet, I am not sure how viable it is for an instructor to wear a helmet, although a friend of my is an instructor in Thredbo, Australia and they are required to wear helmets when instructing, but Oz does have quite strict rules on eth wearing of Helmets.


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As mentioned fit is definitely the biggest factor, if it's not sitting properly and securely then there isn't much point in having a helmet. Trying on different styles and brands is the best way to find a good fit. With newer goggles and more common brands you won't usually have a problem with your goggle and helmet combo, however it is always best to take them into the shop (it saves you getting distracted by a shiny brand new pair as well!). After fit; ventilation and style tend to be the biggest deciding factor for most our customers. Smith tends to fit most people, has the ability to be adjusted at the back and offers good ventilation, but there are a lot of other great brands out there and some exciting new developments with technology like the MIPS system from POC and Scott or the integration of D30, all of which are great if you do a lot of backcountry and need higher specs. You can also pick up helmets that can be adapted for other sports (horse riding, skateboarding, water rafting etc) but it's definitely best to try on a few before getting your heart set on special features.

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Have a look at protec helmets. Personally for me they are solid and fit really well. Plus they look good and we all know that if you are wearing a helmet you at east want it to look half decent.


Snowboard Courses

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Okay so this conversation could take an interesting twist following the announcement yesterday of Essential Travel to no longer accept insurance claims from skiers or boarders not wearng helmets - what do we think about this? and how will they know?


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Well I can assure you I will not be wearing a helmet under any circumstances.If an insurance company asks me if I wear a helmet and refuses to give me insurance unless I do I will lie and tell them that I do wear one!

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Well as a community we can not condone such actions but it should be pointed out that of the10 Winter Sports Insurers has spoken to ONLY one insists on the wearing of helmets by skiers & borders

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