British TO's banned from Ski Hosting in France
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Yesterday a French court in Albertville found in favour of a joint action brought by the French Authorities and ESF against the medium sized, specialised UK tour operator Le Ski. However, the result of the case now makes it illegal for ALL UK based tour operators from ski hosting as a social aspect and service to their clients.


There has to be a sensible solution to this action rather than an outright ban on the service and as such we would urge to join SnowVole in suggesting that ESF and the authorities take a more level headed approach and get round the table to agree a more practical solution which is good for Tour Operators, the resorts, the ski schools and most importantly skiers as well.


We therefore ask you to add your name to this thread and treat it as a petition to the French Authorities to reconsider and discuss a sensible discussion to sign our petition join for FREE (even if you never visit our site again) hit reply and add your name - Thank you!


(for more information on this story please see here)

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Richard Kane

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Tim Harding

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Tony Warren
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Kelly Southgate

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I can see both sides to this issue, but am happy to pop my name down as I agree there must be a solution.


Claire Almond

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Claire - we agree we are not suggesting the way ski hosting was working was perfect but we want people to think, talk and work out a sensible solution that works for everyone Smile

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Ski Hosting brings more money into resorts and encourages groups to use local restaurants, shops, even specialist guides and instructors where appropriate.

Banning Ski Hosts in France will not encourage people to use ski instructors!


Robin Putnam (Ski Instructor, Retired)

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Rachel Hyams

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Alison Webber

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Fraser EwartWhite of

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Joseph McFarland

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I agree should discuss this properly and come to sensible arrangement, Ski hosting is at great selling point for tour operators.


Tom Bridge

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Collaboration, instead of protectionism, is the only fair deal for the guests.


Nathan Morgan

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Just to bring this up to date, SnowVole has spoken to Le Ski owner Nick Morgan who confirms he will be appealing against this decision -


Then in apparently unconnected news a British Ski Instructor has been arrested in Megeve and faces a 3 month prison sentence for teaching without a French instructors licence. At the time of the arrest the instructor Alex Casey says he was just filming a group of British skiers. There have been up to 100 protesters outside the police station in Megeve including parents and children demanding his release.

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Yes,  the news has been full for the past 2 days about the 2 people in Megeve currently in trouble.  I have found the reporting very British biased tough, there are 2 sides to stories, and as I posted in another post, the guy arrested for "taking photos" was he in a uniform? this is an important fact because if he was then the gendarmes could take it as he is teaching / coaching without a license.  If he wasn`t in uniform then why / how did the gendarmes come to the conclusion he was possibly teaching,  well taking photos possibly with a ski school class? .  He has admitted he doesnt hold the relevent qualification, it would be good to now what level he is qualified up to as this can dictate the level he can teach.  More information is required to get a better understanding of the situation in Megeve.


I know many ski instructors, some even work for ESF,  beleive it or not ESF are not anti british, just anti to the unqualified instructors.  I know many instructors who have spent between 6 - 10 years, £1000`s of pounds and passing the speed test,  getting fully qualified to the French required level, because they want to work in France and follow the law.


Out of all the reports I read yesterday only one appears to have a spokesman that defends the high standards


This is taken for the BBC report (admittedly it is at the bottom of the article after teh bristish bias)


Dave Renouf, corporate affairs manager at the British Association Of Snowsports Instructors, said: "[Eurotest] is one part a whole stream of tests for a highly qualified instructor.

"Passing it ensures a technical standard that keeps clients safe.

"This is European law and you would expect the French police and the local magistrates to apply the laws as they understand them."


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The report about the ski instructor/photographer being arrested is very interesting given the ESF's protectionist position, ActivExperiences claim the reporting is with a English bias, really!


If the ESF had it their way no British ski schools would be allowed in France, they have made it very tough to run one in there country.


Also your claim that is European law that instructors need to complete the euro test is wrong, this test was instigated by the ESF to protect their business and is a FIS race level that the French require instructors in France to have to instruct(What is Ski racing to with instructing tourists/social skiers, Race coaching should be a separate qualification) and is part of the BASI 3 Qualifications in the UK but not required to actually work in europe, also they require you must be a ISTD(BASI 4 which will cost £10K or more) as well when every other country in Europe the level to teach on the mountain is BASI 2(Swiss -Level BASI 1).


In the rest of the world BASI 1/ 2 is accepted as the minimum standard, I know many fellow instructors who teach in Aus/NZ/Japan/US/Can and many European ones, France is the only one to have these protectionist rules in place.


The poor guy with the camera even if he was wearing a ski school uniform could have been a trainee which is allowed if there was a fully qualified instructor present, is called shadowing and you are required to do this to gain your qualifications.


If he was instructing as they claim, then if it breaks the rules in France he should be dealt with as unqualified people on the mountain are dangerous but so are qualified one, as in the regular French ski guides/instructors who get killed or kill people they are leading!


If this Protectionist thinking carries on there will be a lot of business lost to France, as already many companies are already increasing their reservations of accommodation in other Euro resorts, and looking at other new areas like Russia and the like.


The French are cutting their nose off to spite their face, the money lost could be in the Billions of Euro's and resort towns would die and lift companies going out of business, as the margins are tough in the current climate.


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Jane Beedell

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