BRITS move to Tignes
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Hooray!!! The BRITS will be in Tignes this winter. Fantastic news!!! I love Tignes and spend three or four weeks a year there. Of course the problem is with the BRITS being hosted there I am guessing the cost of accommodation will be going up that week? Anyone got suggestions for low cost accommodation in or near Tignes during the BRITS?

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Ski Collection's prices will not be going up that week! 

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Louiseski - thank you for this is information I will definitely have a look at what you have to offer

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Hi mystiko


It is quite a recent announcment that the Brits will be in Tignes next season so I don`t think many companies will have had time to increase their prices so I would think if you book soon you won`t see any price increase.  But as it has now been announced and you decide to book later you lay find availablity becomes very limited.

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