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Afriski - Lesotho Southern Africa
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I was lucky enough to live in South Africa for a few years with work, whilst I was there as well as enjoying the cold atlantic and warm indian ocean surf experience I was also fortunate enough to get the South African Snowboarding experience


In the country of Lesotho (independent kingdom surrounded by South Africa) is a pretty special resort, using the countries only real asset (water) and the cold weather conditions a mix of natural and man made snow provides the saffy's with their snowboarding (and skiing) playground.


with a resort only a few times bigger than a UK snowdome, but with a dedicate crew managing the slope, the excellent terrain park and the bar a truly unique travel experience is available.


For a full write up check out the WSG (I wrote most of the detail) and check out some pics below, and the website


pond skimming


Mawa on the box


a bit of gates


early season




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