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3 Valleys
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Hi, as a massive fan of Courchevel and the 3V in general, I would just like to know if there are any other enthusiasts out there? What are your favourite rus, bars etc? To get started mine are Creux, just off the top of Sauliere, Marmottes down to Le Praz and Jerusalem from Meribel to Belle St Martin. As for bars, hard to eat Rond Point above Meribel and the Bubble Bar is great for après in 1650. Look forward to hearing about yours
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Stetson, I have to say if it's a nice day and there is minimal wind you can't beat getting across to the other end of the 3Vs, heading to the top of Cime Caron and taking your choice of the long runs down to Val Thorens and Les Menuires. However if its cold and windy, it wont be the most enjoyable decent (actually not enjoyable at all).

Also agree with you about Jerusalem, lovely quiet (most the time) run with the bonus of plenty of scope either side to find your off-piste legs.

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I did a full season working in the wonderful Les Menuires for me NOTHING could beat getting the first lift on powder morning up onto La Masse. This would be an amazing playground ALL day!

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Thanks guys.  We go again in 3 weeks so looking forward to trying La Masse and Cime Caron.  Never made it to either Les Menuires nor Val Thoren so as we are going in in term time (i.e. not kids!) it should be quiet and give us plenty of time with no lift queues!

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I loved the three valleys, except Meribel village.

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Absolutely agree with you about Meribel Village.  Best avoided and necessary only as a transfer point!

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Stetson, I've just come back from a week in the Val Thorens valley, and was very fortunate with the snow conditions considering it's the end of April. I've also previously spent a week in both the Meribel and Courchevel Valleys in the past couple of years, and have to say that Courchevel probably edges it for me - an all round better variety of runs and terrain, but more expensive unfortunately!

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I haven't been to the 3 valleys yet but would love to go. Everyone says its so expensive though so it will have to wait for me.

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Hi Trudi, yeah I agree a lot of the French resorts (especially the big ones) are bloody expensive. I have to ask what is it you look for in choosing a resort though because I have found a few options in the past for skiing in the 3 Vallees - these do tend less fashionable of course.


Do you look for the skiing option or skiing with night life?


I ask because you can actually ski in the 3 Vallees very cheaply in Brides Les Bains yeah there is no real night life and yeah there is 20 minute gondola ride into the Meribel lift system but hell it's the skiing that counts right and getting it for a reasonable price!!

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I only get to go on one ski holiday a year so price is a very important part of it. I'm afraid it isn't all about the skiing for me, it is the overall experience that I am looking for. Long pistes, friendly accommodation, nice food, some nightlife - it all adds up to make my week great. 

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