"Private" and "Access denied" - why?
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Most of the photos on the "Top photos" page show as a padlock with the word "private" below. Why? How did they get to be top photos if a logged in user cannot view them? Why does Snowvole show me place-holders for all these photos that Snowvole will not show me? It would be useful for Snowvole to explain more about why these things are not visible and what I need to do to view them.


On the "Forums home" page there are three threads about "English Alpine Championships 2012" timed 27.02.2012 at 11:16, 11:02 and 11:02. Two give "Access denied. You must have special permissions to access this area or you are not logged in.". Only the 11:16 can be viewed. Why are non-viewable threads shown in the list?

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Morning Chanbre,

Thanks for the feedback and yes I understand your frustration.

We are currently coming to grips with how to deliver the best experience and how our users want to make the most of the site.

At the moment we have a few areas where things are being displayed that we intend to hide, however to help us understand the usage around the site we currently have them visable.

The "private" photos is a good example of this. This is where someone has uploaded photos and marked them as private or only visible to their immediate friends. These pointless holding images will not be visible going forward as we expect a large portion of this site to be for people to share there holiday experience in detail with their closest friends (hence a lot of images for smaller groups to view), but hopefully people will still wish to share in some detail with the wider audience.

We will be remedying the situation in the very near future, and please be aware, we are currently working to document quick guides on how to get the best of the functionality we are trying to provide.

Thanks for taking an interest in the site, and please continue to point out where we can help make this a fun and enjoyable place to hang out, and allow us a little time to bed down.

Cheers and thanks again, Vince

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Thank you for the quick response. All understood. As a computer software engineer I know the value of user feedback on how a system works. I also know that resolving issues takes time.

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why are two of the three threads about the English Alpine championships 2012 giving me an "Access Denied" According to an email I was sent last month I am a Power User, so what is the problem? Is there some Kind of secret password required or are some power users entitled to more rights than others?


I would like to read the results in more detail as I have friends involved in the events.


I like the idea of locking private photos - I have had a large number of my photos pinched in the past and used without my knowledge &/or any acknowledgement on commercial sites. Consequently I no longer upload photos to these types of Forums.




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Hi Krampus, This is an excellent question and I know our Techie Vole is looking at it right now for you. Really sorry about the inconvenience

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