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legal performance enhancement


With all the Olympic drama unfolding right now, DSQ for the womens cycling team for misjudging a piece of masking tape on the track, and a few medals to help up the tally it made me think about enhancing performance...but in a legal way!

Adding something as simple as a well made orthotic footbed into your ski boots, running shoes, cycling shoes or walking boots & day to day footwear for that matter can have a dramatic effect on how you perform at the sport.

With 28 bones, 19 major muscles, 107 ligaments in the foot there is a load of things that can and often do go wrong.

By stabilising the foot inside footwear with an orthotic you can reduce the rotational twisting motion of the foot as you walk, run, cycle or ski, these twisting forces reduce the effectiveness of the foot to transmit power where you want to put it; this can be something as simple as allowing you to take a slightly longer stride when walking or running or the ability to get the power to the pedal or the edge when cycling or skiing.

There are many myths out there about footbeds and orthotics weakening the foot muscles, this is simply not true, the human foot was not designed to move on flat terrain as we do and be confined inside flat bottomed shoes or boots, the natural shape of the foot want to find this flat surface, this causes muscle fatigue and wastes energy, the footbed or orthotic simply fills the gaps allowing the foot and the footwear to function well in harmony.

With off the shelf products from around £25 and well made custom product costing £75-£120 then these could be the most cost effective performance enhancing kit you buy this year...and they are legal!   check out the website for a selection of the products available

cem1 · 2026 days ago
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legal performance enhancement