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World Cup Finals


Everything was looking great coming into World Cup finals in Sierra Nevada, Spain. I’d had 2 weeks of rest and I was raring to go again. The first 2 days were spent at the beach, with temperatures reaching above 26 degrees I happily took a dip in the Med and lazed around. Of course it’s March and the locals looked at us like we were absolutely insane, maybe the fact that all I had wearing was my Bawbags (underwear) was the reason they looked so horrified. I assumed that when they saw how pasty pale I was, they would know instantly that I was British and shrug it off as “stupid tourists”.


After a great training day on the track, I was feeling good. The course had some huge jumps in it and really technical sections so I was excited to race it with 3 other girls by my side.

As if we were cursed by the weather gods, the fog came in for the race day. The race was delayed waiting for a break in the clouds, a small slither of light , anything that would make us able to run. Unfortunately they were forced to be cancel, which left me devastated. A sad end to my debut season in Ski Cross.

Sitting at home now taking some essential rest and recovery for my shins, I’m happy for the break. Happy because I am home to family and friends and happy to know I have months of training ahead of me until my next competition… and I can’t wait to get started!

PamThorburn · 1784 days ago
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02.04.2013 (1784 days ago)
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World Cup Finals