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Work Hard Play Hard

3 weeks into my New Zealand camp and things are progressing. As always when you learn something new, you have good moments and bad.


In sports like Tennis, these bad moments may be- an off serve or a long ball, but when practicing jumping there are a few more risks involved. So as I type, I have ice on both shins and tape on my shoulder after a few minor timing issues and hard landings. There's a very fine line between risking too much, pushing myself too hard and staying in my safety bubble. I think I'm tightroping that line, it's adrenalin filled, exciting and it is fun!

PamThorburn · 2006 days ago
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    I guess you are finished from your extreme get to try the ski trip thing. But i know what you mean. i windsurf sometimes and pushing to learn a new move 9the loop0 a great jump air rotational movement, basically like doing a somesualt mid air, only with all the board and sail attached and doing it with you a t the same time, OUCH is oftern the end statement to the manouvere. like you, great and fun filled.
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23.08.2012 (2006 days ago)
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Work Hard Play Hard