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Valmeinier 1800 review


It annoys me that the resort of Valmeinier 1800 remains relatively unknown in the U.K, a sentiment shared by the numerous patrons and inhabitants of the village. Unlike some French resorts, the Brits are welcomed with open arms! Aside from the money they bring to the resort, along with the Dutch and Belgians, the resort comes to life with their love of drinking, parties and hitting the slopes hard! This reputation must be leaking through back home as slowly but surely more and more of us are taking the car, train, bus or plane toward the resort with a lot more to offer than you think. Combining the sun of the Southern Alps with the powder snow of the Northern Alps, Valmeinier offers doorstep skiing for the perfect winter holiday.

During a meeting with the contracts manager of the lift pass company, Semval, we discussed how Valmeinier is often over-shadowed by its neighbour and lift pass counterpart, Valloire. Even though, we agreed, Valmeinier has better facilities, is higher up (the town extends to 1900 metres above sea level), has millions invested in new chair lifts each season and has more bars, night life and restaurants, Brits tend to visit Valloire simply because it is ‘well known’. We both shared the idea that most British people will not take a risk on a resort they are unfamiliar with, or believe to be inferior (even though there are over 150 kms of piste to savour), resolute that they will have a better holiday in Valloire, Les Arcs, or La Plagne, for example, simply because they have heard of it, their friends have been there or another resort’s obscurity is testament to its failure as a prime spot for a Brit to ski and socialise ….rubbish! Believe you me; after 2 seasons spent in Valmeinier, I can safely say that not only is it a better ski area than Valloire, a resort with out-dated, rickety lifts, it gives resorts like Val Thorens and Tignes a run for its money. Yes, that’s right, Tignes and Val Thorens, your eyes did not deceive you…

Nestled high up in the Maurienne Valley, Valmeinier (loosely translated as ‘valley of the mines’ due to extensive anthracite mining in the 17th century) not only has charm, character and a whole host of amenities, it’s snow record is impressive and boasts miles and miles of untouched powder fields, tree runs and high mountain passes suited to the most experienced ski tourer. With facile and well-appointed links to the slopes and town of Valloire, the 2 areas have more than enough terrain for a season’s worth of riding, let alone a week away with your friends and family.

Unlike its quaint neighbour to the west, Valmeinier is a modern, purpose built resort that keeps expanding each year. Starting with the picturesque old town at 1500, the resort rises to the main village at 1800, rising again to 1850 which is pretty much a whole little commune to itself, with its own bakery, newsagent’s, restaurants and ski hire shops.

A cinema, bowlplex and ice rink are just the icing on the cake of a full gateau of restaurants, bars, & night clubs in 1800, all of which are very well priced and make a welcome change to the almost mafia prices of the bigger resorts that rely on British & Russian money. A loyalty card through ski tour company Ski Ici, will garner you a demi for only £2!

In a way, it would almost be a shame for those in the know if Valmeinier became really popular in the U.K. However, that wouldn’t be fair now would it…?


Ski Ici have some amazing deals to this resort in March from only £350 per person all in!  Check out for more info and check out out video testomonials on here and at

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Valmeinier 1800 review