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Thought for the weekend . . . .’Plan for the Summer 2014’

Although it is only January and a lot of you guys are only (probably) 6 weeks through your ski season, don’t forget, it is only a season. My favourite saying is to go with the 6 P’s: Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance!

Don’t get to April/ May and ask yourself what “should I do now”.  . . .

Don’t get to the end of season and think, maybe I fancy yacht or villa work, find out there is nothing left and decide to head to the South of France to ‘maybe’ pick up work and hope that your tips will last you until that point.

Don’t get me wrong, people are always looking for staff and if you are good at your job then you may pick something up.

BUT if you are good at your job, then you will have planned for the end of season, applied for your summer work and be quietly looking forward to the snow melting and sunnier times ahead.

SO what summer work is out there? Well, I don’t want to make it sound like a walk in the park, because any season work, is tough, but, there are many a luxury villa looking for a chef or villa manager/ host, nannies are also very popular during the summer as parents can’t put the kids in ski school!

Working aboard a yacht is what most seasonnaires aim for – well why not, reach for the stars as you’re sure as hell not going to get there if you don’t! Yacht work is the most desirable to many due to the high salaries, tips, accommodation & food paid for, not to forget travelling to some of the most glamorous resorts. On the other hand, it is long hours, you have to be presentable, and sometimes yacht companies prefer certain qualifications. Keep posted on the Silver Swan blog next week for further information on what qualifications are needed and what is expected from an employee on board.

We don’t want to give too much away at the moment, we are merely planting the seed, but for now, let’s leave you with this video . . . .

If you have any questions on summer work available contact Silver Swan Recruitment on

(Video taken from YouTube: WSJDigitalNetwork)

If you are looking for seasonal staff, Silver Swan will be able to help, for more information on how we work with clients click here, or again, send an e mail to

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Thought for the weekend . . . .’Plan for the Summer 2014’