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Thought For The Weekend welcomes a current Silver Swanner . .

This week we have been talking to a Silver Swanner currently working for a high end luxury ski chalet operator Consensio Holidays ( Alex MacKay is a great example of our Silver Swans, he loves to ski, he works hard and out of season he is studying to be a lawyer. For those of you who think seasons are for those who want to ‘bum’ around, open your eyes wider and you will see many people have used their experience of ski seasons to capture the future.

Silver Swan was a result of season work (plus HR) and we have lots of friends and colleagues making the most of their experiences and being wholly successful.  SO after reading our interview below with Alex and if you fancy a break from your current career or want to kick start your career in the catering and hospitality industry then contact Silver Swan for more information on how we can find the most suitable roles for you, whether that be in the mountains, by the beach or on the sea . . .

Back to the star of the show . . . Alex MacKay, thank you for your time, we will make you famous yet J

1. It is quite clear from your video (check our Facebook page here to see him in action) that you are an awesome skier, did you decide to do a ski season to get more time on the piste (or off piste in your case)

I'm not too sure about the first part but yes-skiing is the main reason I'm here. It's why I came last year and what brought me back for one more winter.

2. What is your current role?

I am the Assistant Manager at Chalet Marco Polo in Val D'Isere ( 

3. What does that involve?

My role is incredibly diverse and every day is different! Along with my colleague Lina I am responsible for looking after the guests on a day to day basis, ensuring that they have everything they need and giving any assistance necessary to make their stay with us as smooth as possible. Whether it be finding a particular tea for the morning or organising a last minute helicopter ride in the afternoon we try to never say no to our guests!

4. How many seasons have you done?

This is my second and last!

5. Do you get much time to ski?

I have plenty of time to ski. When I'm not injured I tend to get up around five times a week which isn't too bad! I'm lucky enough to work with a great team where everybody is keen to accommodate each other's preferences with regards to the rota. 

6. What do you have in store for the summer?

Still a mystery. I'll most likely be London based, although I'll definitely be speaking to Silver Swan in hope of securing some work abroad.

7. Do you plan another season?

Unfortunately not. I have to make some use of my degree and start a training contract at a Law Firm.

8. Any advice for future 'Silver Swanners' looking for that perfect role?

a. Keep an open mind in terms of resort and job role whilst maximising your chances of securing the best job possible by gaining some relevant work experience well before the season begins. 

b. Ignore the first piece of advice and take any old job in Val D'Isere!

For more information on our current roles in (or out) of Val d’Isere then check our vacancies page here.

If you are looking for staff like Alex, this season or next, check out our Chalet Client’s page here and see how Silver Swan can help you find the prefect recruit.

Finally, Silver Swan would like to thank Alex and all other Silver Swanners for taking the time to support us.

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Thought For The Weekend welcomes a current Silver Swanner . .