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This season's fashion on the slopes

Last season was all about bright and loud contrasting colour schemes - what will be the fashion out on the European slopes for the new season?

extremestunts · 1988 days ago
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    I doubt there will be much of a change this season in ski fashion, the rich, kept women will still be in their skin tight Chanel with their perfectly manicured nails and freshly blown dried hair "a la" Courchevel 1850.

    The young kids will be in their massively oversized pants and jackets in contracting colours, and some may still be adopting the "pants half way down your arse" look. Never quite got that look, surely they get a major wet ass!

    And the genreal masses will be wearing red & black, these seem to be the colours of choice of many a skier and obviously for the French kids and teens the obligatory Decathalon onepiece with belt fastened extremely tight around the waist.

    For the fashion led, someone who wants someone a bit more up to date it appears that this year is still about colour blocking with bright colours and also neutral browns and rusts, tailored ski wear is making a comeback following the trend for "retro" for both men and women and the more "street" brands are still with the big, baggy, but fitting well. As for one peices, NO! well ok, the Salomon Conspiracy is a yes, but for the rest ? NO NO NO.

    For me this year, it will still be last years gear, Burton pants and Special blend jacket, that is until all the winter outerwear appears in the shops and I decide that I no longer mike my stuff :)
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11.09.2012 (1988 days ago)
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This season's fashion on the slopes