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Summer training and an Olympic Torch First

Next Wednesday, and I will be back training in the USA . I have 9 days on the Water Ramp. Its pretty intensive and exhausting pulling a trick, landing in a freezing glacial lake, swimming back to shore and climbing the many many steps that take you to top of the ramp with ski boots sloshing full of water, carrying skis, and all in a wet suit!

Then, its off to Australia with my 2 coaches for a winter snow training  camp on a full length competition moguls course on Toppa's Dream at Perisher Blue. We will be there for a good month or so and will pick up a couple of Continental Cup competitions which always turn out to be like mini World Cups as there is always a strong contingent from the Japanese, Canadian , USA and Australian WC moguls teams! Good to eyeball the competition!.

From Oz its back to the USA for some more ramping and then out to Santiago Chile where the moguls are very different as it will be spring snow when we are there in September. Hoping that the Russian and USA teams will be there at the same time to help shape and sideslip the course at the end of each day!

In the meantime there is the London 2012 Olympics  and I will be watching from wherever I am on my travels. Thats the great thing about the Games - its televised to 4 billion people across the world and I will have no probs cheering on TeamGB from afar! I was really so proud to have been a torch bearer last weekend and I apparently broke a record to be the first person to do a 360 with a lit Olympic Torch ...had to be done ! ( see my 'moment of flame' on YouTube ).


elliekoyander · 2058 days ago
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Summer training and an Olympic Torch First