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Stuck Between Zermatt And Verbier? How Do You Choose Which Ski Resort To Go To?

Two of the most popular Swiss skiing resorts ever, Zermatt and Verbier have huge groups of fans, with thousands of people returning to each resort every year.

Both boasting a vast array of different benefits to draw you in and make you want to go back time and time again, because they really are so fantastic, it leaves many wondering how they decide which one to choose for a group skiing holiday.

And whilst we’d strongly recommend that you sit down and work out exactly what it is you want from your skiing holiday (as this will give you a good base to work from when deciding which resort is best for you), it’s important to understand that as fantastic as both resorts are, they do differ from each other in several ways.

For example, looking at the suitability for skiers, if you’re going as a family with young children or those who are inexperienced on the pistes, heading out on a Zermatt group skiing holiday is likely to be the best option.

Whilst Verbier, like most modern resorts, does cater for all types of skiers, it’s widely regarded as a resort for the more seasoned skiers. With its best ski areas being its advanced and off-piste options, beginner and intermediate runs are available, but Zermatt wins here, with a more extensive and better suited beginner and intermediate skiing experience offered.

And if it is family your travelling with - particularly young-children families - Zermatt is likely to be the winner again, for the sheer fact there are more family-orientated activities to do away from the pistes than there are in Verbier (plus, Verbier’s nightlife is widely regarded as one of the most vibrant in the world - there’s without doubt areas perfectly suited for young families, but again, there are more options in Zermatt).

Showing that Zermatt is a fantastic resort for families, where Verbier really comes into its own is for those skiers looking for a resort where they can essentially burn the candle at both ends!

For instance, fantastic skiing for those more advanced skiers will keep you occupied right throughout the day and make you want to get up as early as possible to get back out there the following day - but unless you’ve got a will of steel, the après ski and nightlife will draw you in in the early evening and spit you out at around dawn, making those early morning skiing sessions become early afternoon ones.

Considered one of the best ski resorts in the world, heading out on a Verbier group skiing holiday has been likened by many to a holiday in Ibiza - there are the family-friendly areas if you need them, but the main resort is for those who want to have several days of unbelievable skiing, followed by several nights of unbelievable après ski!

Choosing where you go between Zermatt and Verbier is something that is really worth researching, as we’ve only touched on the primary differences here and it’s very likely that even if you are a party animal, Zermatt could tick all of the other boxes on your list of what the holiday should cover.

Make your list, do your research and most importantly, don’t be afraid to ask questions - there are lovers of both resorts out there and they’ll be more than happy to tell you why you should visit their favourite ski resort on your next group skiing holiday.

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Stuck Between Zermatt And Verbier? How Do You Choose Which Ski Resort To Go To?