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Ski and Snowboard Servicing and Tuning

Thought I'd create a new blog on ski and snowboard tuning and servicing. Please feel free to comment on this post or ask any questions and I will endeavour to keep adding information to it.



So why do you need to service your skis or board?

Ski base

Millions of collisions occur between the running surface and the ice/snow crystals as you’re sliding down the mountain. This acts as an abrasive wearing the running surface of the ski or board. Since 1953 the running surface or base of a ski or board is Polyethylene. Generally, the higher the molecular weight of the polymer the more resistant it is to abrasion. These days, Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW-PE) is used with molecular chains as long as 250,000 monomers or units. When sliding over snow and ice these chain can break and protrude out of the bulk, causing the base to become "hairy". Maybe this is something you have experienced? These hairs grow in number eventually causing a significant increase in friction. In long flat glide sections, you will have to make up with loss in friction by pushing/skating or walking. Wouldn’t you rather be gliding passed everybody else with ease?


The picture below is a hairy base at 500x magnification. (Soooo slow)


Ski and board UHMW-PE ski Base




In 1928 the first metal edges were screwed onto skis making it possible to hold grip and turn accurately on hard snow and ice. Today modern ski edges are embedded into the composite structure of the skis or board and sharpened to precise angles to promote grip. Edges also dull and round off when exposed to the abrasive snow conditions.


Pictured below is a 3D drawing of an edge commonly used in snowsports equipment.


Picture of a ski or snowboard edge



To come:

How do I edge a ski or snowboard?

Which angle do I tune my edges to for maximum performance at my ability level?

How do I remove polyethylene hairs?

How do I wax a pair of ski or snowboard ?

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Ski and Snowboard Servicing and Tuning