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Sesh Bar shredding with Team Evolution

Team Evolution shredding with Sesh Bars!

Everyone knows that alpine skiing is a very demanding sport - At Team Evolution all our athletes work incredibly hard to get the best out of each day, and so the guys at Sesh Bars created a product to maximize time and pleasure on the slopes. Sesh Bar is a specially formulated energy load to satisfy the specific needs of all snow sport enthusiasts. The super tasty, chocolate-peanut bar delivers an immediate and long- lasting energy kick with a whopping 322 kcal of pure energy in a massive 80g bar!


Research shows that 80% of injuries on the slope happen late in the day, when muscles are fatigued and the brain is tired. In order to minimise injuries and increase performance the guys at Sesh Bars have added plenty of guarana to every bar to keep us awake and concentrated, plus L-glutamine to keep us hydrated! Focus and proper hydration = less injuries and better results!


Yannick Green, Communications Director at Team Evolution said, “We are delighted to be working with Sesh Bars. We are very lucky to have them in our bags everyday whilst training and racing. The bars have been an instant success for us, and have kept our athletes and coaches focused and full of energy. Arming our athletes with these tasty bars that they can enjoy in between runs is a great for the team and adds to the incredible roster of partners Team Evolution already have”.


If you would like anymore information on Team Evolution, Sesh Bars or any Team Evolution athletes, please contact / Tel: 07595333412

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Sesh Bar shredding with Team Evolution