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Season Roundup

So that was winter 2013, the never ending winter, where snow fell in abundance with just short of 6m of the white stuff falling from the skies, but a never ending season that actually just ended with a short sharp STOP! or that is how it felt.

Our season started with record breaking pre-season bookings, and from talking to others,  both small independents and large tour operators it appears everyone was in the same boat,  so with the arrival of the first real snowfalls at the end of November / beginning of December everyone,  including us felt extremely optimistic about the impending season.


The snow didn`t disappoint, but the sunny days did :( or lack of them ( I  am such a fair weather rider).  Although no way did I want a repeat of winter 2010 where we had beautiful blue skies in abundance but no snow, so beggars cant be choosers and if snow meant cloudy days so be it, the pistes were in great condition, the off piste was amazing and by January our snow base was an incredible 151cm with 81cm at resort level.

As February fast approached, so did the school holidays, not just the British,  which this year were spanning two weeks from 8th Feb – 25th Feb,  but also the rest of Europe including the *French holidays that traditionally cover the 4 weeks of February, this year ran from 10th Feb and ended 17th Mar ! .  No worries of snow issues or lack of it as the average base during February was 206cm at the top and a cracking 128cm at lower levels.

March saw more snow, the continuation of the French holidays and then straight into the start of Easter holidays.  With the snow still falling our base was a whopping 225cm at the top and 145cm at the bottom, perfect conditions for the British Nationals that fall at the end of March beginning of April.  Sunny days were few and far between which I believe had an impact on last minute March bookings.  March is a month that generally doesn`t book up pre season, the snow in march can be unpredictable for the hardcore skiers who want powder, from experience it tends to be  the month that we find many people enjoying their 2nd ski trip of the winter grabbing a last minute deal, or skiers that prefer sunnier skiing and not the cold of January skiing,  a quieter time on the piste after the madness of February and just before the last of the holidays with Easter crowds.


As mentioned March is supposed to be the sunnier skiing month, the skies are blue and the sun is warm enough to enjoy après on the terrace of the Ronnie, live music outside, dancing on tables, and a chance to grab a pre summer tan (ok just on the arms and face, but a bit of colour makes anyone feel happier) , but this year that wasn`t to be, the cold snap that hit the UK also hit the alps, again great for snow fall but not for the blue skies and this I believe had an impact on the March and Easter last min bookings, if it`s grey and miserable at home you are not going to head off to a ski resort which isn`t much brighter, travel agents reported a 50% increase on last min sun on the previous year  for the same period.

As I mentioned Earlier, 2013 was an endless winter, or so it felt, by mid April the snow  bases were still 243cm at the top and a wonderful 100cm at the bottom, ensuring that skiers could easily ski all the way back to resort with seeing rocks and patches.  Temperatures remained low and for the lucky people who risked a last min April deal and us lucky enough to live / spend a season out here the snow was impeccable  and a fantastic end to the season.

So that was 2013 in 800 words or so, but it wasn`t just about the snow, so much more happened in one of the worlds best resort,  including

  • Comedy
  • Music
  • DC Events
  • World Cup Women
  • Folie Douce
  • Night skiing
  • Poker

And so much more that will be blogged about in the coming weeks and months !


So thank you snow gods for an epic winter, and here is to a summer of sun & fun and WINTER 2014 ! ! !



* The French holiday system –  France is divided into 3 Zones and each zone in February has 2 weeks vacation, this is called the Winter Holidays.  These weeks are staggered and at any one time you may find 2 zones on vacation during a week of Winter holidays.  Great in one way as it means that on holiday you are not contending with the whole of France but on the flip side the holiday then feel like they are lasting an age !


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