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Rehabbing like a Champ!

It's been almost a year since I had surgery on my shoulder, I have switched disciplines from Alpine to Freestyle since then and even become British Ski Cross champ, but here I find myself back to my physio and back to her sadistic ways of healing (torturing) me. Being an Athlete in such an extreme sport gives you a really good relationship with your medical team, I am lucky enough to have the awesome support of the Scottish Institute to pick me up and put me back together when I have a little tumble. 10 surgeries later and I feel bionic, lucky really as I now see myself as reinforced with titanium parts. A little like terminator without the German accent... I'm working on the muscles part ;)

PamThorburn · 2062 days ago
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  •  PamThorburn: 
    Thanks Ellie! Looking good with that big gold torch ;)
     2062 days ago 
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  •  elliekoyander: 
    Ouch! Good luck with the training and the season ahead Pam !
     2062 days ago 
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03.07.2012 (2062 days ago)
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Rehabbing like a Champ!